Chants Of Grim Death
(Blood Harvest Records)

Holy shit, this is incredibly cool stuff! NECROVATION not only went for a bandname, logo and overall b/w sleeve design in the good old early 90s underground tradition (the latter surprisingly courtesy of our French connection, monsieur Nathaniel "Mutilating Process" Colas!), they also deliver excellent music of a similar kind! Raw as fuck, straight ahead old school Death thrashing Metal, totally unimpressed by current trends or production standards (meant in a positive sense here of course!) and musically somewhere in between their like minded Swedish fellows KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, VERMINOUS or MURDER SQUAD without copying any of them in particular! There’s four tracks on this 7", three brandnew tunes, that didn’t appear on their previously released "Ovations To Putrefaction" demo tape and one cover of the old MERCILESS crusher ‘Pure Hate’, which turned out even more brutal in the NECROVATION version! I already played this little fucker to death since I received it, simply because the band sounds so refreshing and straight from the heart! So, make sure to order yourself a copy right away (it’s limited to 500 copies only!), cause if you miss out on it, you will definitely regret it rather quickly! "Chants Of Grim Death" is without a doubt destined to become another classic in the history of Swedish Death Metal sometime in the near future! It sells for 50 SEK / $6 (ppd.) from the following address: Blood Harvest Records, Box 7092, 20042 Malmö, Sweden, website: The band’s website can be found at

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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