Gloria Mortus
(Blood Harvest Records)

A new output from these masters of rancid old school Death Metal is fairly welcome. Should I be angry about NECROVATION for not answering my interview questions after the release of their great "Breed Deadness Blood" album? Perhaps, but I could also just ignore that and be happy with such a new sign of life from those hopefuls, as this release is far more interesting than an interview from me could be. ‘Gloria Mortus’, the track on side A is a true gloomy Death Metal bastard, starting slow and getting little faster at the end of it. A great and unique sound, offering more of an own identity than roots of AUTOPSY and moments like REPUGNANT – something many said about NECROVATION earlier, without anything complaining from my side as they were since their beginning a great band and one of the first of this wave. The other side of the seven inch offers ‘Otherside’, not a joke. Cool songtitle. Again it seems to me that NECROVATION go on with their own direction more and more, still addicted to their old influences, which simply is old school Death Metal but this is far more than that. 2 great songs which hopefully can be considered as appetizers for an upcoming 2nd album. And to finalize the great impact here this 7" EP offers a fantastic, multicolored, fire-red layout. A skull on front and the lyrics written in "skull-form". Original, outstanding, both music- and layoutwise. NECROVATION convince from minute one to minute 8. Fuck, a short party here, but a great one. Well, nevertheless I’m still little angry about them not answering my questions, haha. Damn, how great would it be to pay it back with a negative review. Guys, give me the chance with your 2nd full-length and I will do my best! Anyway, if the quality is as started here, I have no chance to pay something back. Available at

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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