The Tempter's Victorious
(Hells Headbangers Records)

PERDITION TEMPLE from Tampa, Florida is another outfit, worshipping the good old days, when MORBID ANGEL was the leading force in satanic Death Metal worldwide. Mastermind Gene Palubicki never tried to hide his love for this pure old school style and together with his new and old companions, he delivers another piece of hellish Florida styled bestial blackend Death Metal. "The Tempter’s Victorious" is their second full-length and a hellish punch in the listener’s face. As the album with its eight tracks has a running time of nearly thirty-seven minutes only, the band wastes no time and immediately starts with their hellish inferno. Compared to MORBID ANGEL their sound is a lot faster and a more satanic version of them, with more speed and far more highspeed guitar solos, always in the vein of Trey Azagthoth. Precise and fast drumming, with a permanent pounding double-bass, complements the hellish sound. The vocals of their singer Impurath are dark and hellish grunts, but never overdone or annoying. The hellish riffing, supported by a solid rhythm section, really makes this output enjoyable, as their songs have a certain groove, that make you want to bang your head, even though these times might be over. What also fits very well into their sound, is the implementation of classic Thrash Metal influences of bands like SLAYER and SEPULTURA. Those influences carefully have been painted black and implemented into their sound. The production is clear and powerful and well done. All in all a very solid release. Fans, who miss the good old days of Death Metal and those, who still miss ANGLECORPSE, go and grab this hellish output. More info can be found at the following locations:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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