Short On Ammo

Started out as a Thrash Metal band – and having been released 5 demos altogether so far, off which their latest demo, titled "Short On Ammo", also brings a switch of this band’s musical style from Thrash to Death Metal. This Finnish quintet is called REFUSAL, and just like so many other thousands and thousands of ‘new’ Metal acts worldwide, crawling out from their holes, I have to confess REFUSAL is a completely new acquaintance to me too; never heard of them before – just no matter if I am from the same country as they are. However, let me say this as for starters: REFUSAL do have some potential in them – I mean, seriously even (and hey, this isn’t any advance paid-off commercial for them if you started rudely thinking something like that; I am NOT their sleazy spokesman). To me, they do sound a bit like NAPALM DEATH – and perhaps slightly even DEICIDE from here and there, those influences rumbling out somewhere far from the horizon (simply start listening from the 0:46min mark in ‘Short On Ammo’, the title track of this demo).  But the closest thing I can really think of band-wise to them, is the later era NAPALM DEATH – and REFUSAL’s vocalist Niikka Lius does a great favor to me for making me to think so even stronger way. In a few occasional moments here and there, he deceptively manages to sound exactly like Mr. Greenway himself, which we really cannot blame on him a bit. Then again, REFUSAL have more gears in their own engine than the Birmingham-based Brits have in theirs: whereas NAPALM DEATH have used to grind blindly forward with deafening speeds, REFUSAL brake and make turns every once in a while, just to make a ride with them a little bit more interesting. This is indeed a pretty cool stuff all in all – and just as a short promotional demo only, "Short On Ammo" works for that purpose somewhat perfectly.

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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