Blood Spilled
(Perverted Taste Records)

Basically, what Frank wrote about its predecessor also counts for RESURRECTED’s fourth assault called “Blood Spilled”. They’re still grinding as tight, evil and brutal as Maggie Thatcher. The vocals seem to be even deeper without crossing the border to the frog noise department. No porn intro this time: here an American sounding (tv?) preacher gets shot. “Blood Spilled” is a well balanced album that covers the total range between slow, threatening, groovy parts up to blast attacks. RESURRECTED are not the fastest but that reminds me of Western movies: one day there will be someone faster than you; so be smarter, more precise and follow your path without any scruples! All this counts for RESURRECTED. Consequently, if you’re into SUFFOCATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE, get your hands on “Blood Spilled” and don’t miss them live, their sound was made for the stage! By the way, thanks for the short acoustic track ‘Rest Before The Storm’: makes me feel nostalgic and it’s an excellent counterpoint making the following ‘Necronymphomanic’ (Alas! There is the porn content!) sound even more heavy.

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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