Horrid Pestilence Of Death
(Death In Pieces Records)

This young Mexican band releases their debut recording in the form of a MLP of pure brutal old school Death Metal. The name of bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, CREMATORY (SWE) INCANTATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE comes to mind while listening to this recording. This band shares members with MORBID MESSIAH and also NECROCCULTUS, therefore there are some similarities, specially with MORBID MESSIAH. The main difference lies in ROTTING GRAVE being a little bit more up-tempo and sounding more in the brutal Swedish style. They do have some slower passages at times, but the brutality is firmly kept at 10 all the time. The production values are just right for the music, not sounding overproduced, and yet still everything has the right amount of rawness required. And although there is a lot of Death Metal in here, another thing that one can notice is a quite good dose of old school Grindcore in the TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH (Specially the “Mentally Murdered” sound!) and early CARCASS vein, which adds more to the old school vibe of the band. Lyrically speaking, the band trades in the old gore, death and pestilence themes. For those into the brutal Death / Grind Metal that takes no prisoners, and also if you are already a fan of the other bands sharing members, this is a no brainer… as brains must have been eaten by zombies by now.,

Julián “Abhorrent Slayer” Núñez

Julián "Abhorrent Slayer" Núñez

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