Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons
(Schattenkult Produktionen)

This is another Black Metal band that usually dwells in limited tape releases, now from the Ukraine, and presenting their 4th album. The style is that one of early IMMORTAL, DARKTHRONE and MAYHEM. Chilling guitar riffs, a trance-inducing fast drumming pulse and the obvious Black Metal shrieks. Yes, nothing original and sounding way too much like "Under A Funeral Moon" although maybe with some better production values. This will surely please those who think that Fenriz nowadays is a Facebook celebrity rather than a controversial Black Metal musician. For some others, this has already been done and it is just a mere copy of those black and white covers done by mostly Scandinavian bands in the 90s. So, it is up to you to decide what you want, if a good Black Metal DARKTHRONE inspired band or a clone. At least for me, this one is decent, and having a quick listen to their earlier works, this is probably their best. For all further information check out:,

Julián “Invocation Of Baphomet” Núñez

Julián "Invocation Of Baphomet" Núñez

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