Mark Of The Beast
(High Roller Records)

Traditional Metal / Hardrock fronted by a woman. And from Italy. Taking in consideration one of my all time Metal goddess is actually Italian (Federica de Boni from the mighty WHITE SKULL) and that I have been lately listening to many 80s MTV videos, this album fits quite well in the mood. There is nothing new here, and frankly I like it that way. There is a very good and present bass sound which adds a lot to the band. While closing my eyes I can only think of the late 80s where bands like DOKKEN, MÖTLEY CRÜE, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST were in heavy rotation in my Walkman…and SIGN OF THE JACKAL if they were active in that age, might as well be there recorded on a nice TDK tape to headbang hard along the other tapes. Those were the days. Oh, well, I am sure those longing for the era where videos were circulating in grainy beta format quality will definitely appreciate this album. The female vocals I must add in this case does not that much for the band, they are simply OK for the music and could be more charismatic. Bonus metallic points for the slight occult theme of the band and songs, like ‘Heavy Metal Demons’ with a very RUNNING WILD – esque touch (of evil). No surprises to find a FASTWAY cover here. So, you all longing for the 80s Metal with a touch of Glam but with a definitive Metal attitude, this will bring smiles to your face.,

Julián “Hellhound” Nuñez

Julián "Hellhound" Nuñez

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