Offenders Of The Faith
(Iron Fist Productions)

With STYGGELSE, we have a long running, yet not that well known band from Sweden. “Offenders Of The Faith” is their third full length album asides from some demos, EPs and a split release. Since I haven’t heard anything from them before, I can only tell you about this album. And this album really kicks serious asses! Their raw and unpolished assault might be based in Black Metal, but STYGGELSE is a band that is not limited. Black / Thrash Metal is a little closer, but the Swedes also inhaled a lethal dose of Rock’n’Roll, the MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM way. All these ingredients together are blended in such a cool way, I immediately started to bang my fist as soon as the first killing riffs of ‘Pick Up The Pace’ blew through my speakers. And in the moment the coarse nagging of Larsson set in, I knew that these guys are here to shit in every ball room! This is music to turn fucking loud when you drive around in your car with the windows down and shout along the choruses of hits like ‘Tough As Leather Hard As Steel’ or ‘Ritual Mess’ for all the world to hear. So to say your daily dose of a healthy “Fuck You!” attitude pressed on a record to share with all the people around, if they want it or not! I just love STYGGELSE for this! And, honestly, a band that has song titles like ‘Sunday Morning Warpaint’, ‘Royal Ass’ and ‘I Hate All This New Shit’ can only be great. In case you need your daily dose of loutishness, visit the band at or the label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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