Antico Misticismo
(Debemur Morti Productions)

Since I was extremely impressed by the first full length of this Italian outfit, it is without thinking too much that I bought this new record. On “Antico Misticismo”, TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM confirm the great deal of talent they have. Like before the band offer a cold, bleak and furious Black Metal assault in the tradition of old. One cannot find even the tiniest element of experimentation here; what TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM lack in originality they replace with a top notch sense of high class song writing. What I appreciate the most on this album is the drowned-in-reverb hateful vocals of Atratus (who handles also the guitar and bass duties), giving the impression of infernal diatribes vomited out of the Abyss, absolutely frightening. The band knows how to use contrasts, like in the track ‘Sub Zero’ where a majestic and nightmarish intro gives way to a furiously paced rhythm, while the track ‘Terrore Spitituale’ is based on one repetitive riff supporting Atratus sort of foul incantation. The drumming of Vidharr is once again faultless, and the drums sound very natural and organically tied with the other instruments, the whole being mixed very well (with a clearly audible bass, another good point), no search for the most rotten nor on reverse for the most polished sound here. TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM privileges elegance and sobriety over useless complications. Even the artwork reinforce this idea; the digipak is reduced to the simplest, no band pictures, no lyrics printed. From what I understand of the Italian song titles, TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM are about the occult of course, but without relying too much on the satanic imagery everybody knows by heart. In that regard, a title like ‘Un Sogno Oscuro’ (‘An Obscure Dream’) sums up the overall feeling this record communicates, the impression to live a dark but very seducing dream, full of mysteries and attractive dangers. I know everybody today is bombarded with tons and tons of info about tons and tons of bands, but I suggest you give this a try without delay, because TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM belongs to the handful of bands that deserve your attention. Classic stuff in my book. www.debemur-morti.com.

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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