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I was really looking forward to this release especially if it comes to the first participator TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM and their "mayhemic" Black Metal interpretation. Their latest release was an impressive piece of Black Metal even if I have to admit that my opinion has not been widely shared. The final project of this Italian act is the split LP with their American Brothers KROHM – it’s their final release due to the fact that based on unconfirmed rumors the band has been split up after the recording session for this album. The main ideas behind this release are the Italian roots / ancestors of both bands. So what can we expect from two times 3 songs and consequently a playing time of around 20 minutes for each combo? The album starts with my personal favorite TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM and the presented three tracks are quite different to their last full length. The mayhemic touch is gone and the band is offering a more atmospheric Black Metal – again with a strong Norwegian touch – but this time the early releases of bands like MORGUL seem to be a greater source of inspiration. But the material – except the final track ‘III’ – is far away from being essential and this impression can’t be changed by the presented KROHM part even if Italian lyrics by an American band are more than special. In total a disappointing release full of sweet and innocent material and therefore a more than untypical Debemur Morti Production release. www.debemur-morti.com, www.krohmcrypt.com

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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