Barbaric Persecution
(Memento Mori)

TORTURE RACK is a brutal Death Metal band from the USA, formed back in 2012 and now with their debut CD. They have a good dose of influence from AUTOPSY which is always very good in my book, but there is also some more slam Death Metal in here, with SUFFOCATION being the name, although TORTURE RACK plays a bit slower (and sloppier) than the NY brutal legends. The sound values are more from a well done demo rather than a full length, as they are a bit opaque. The vocals are probably the weakest point here, being too close to the cookie monster syndrome, but they might as well be because of the bass-y production. Was this recorded back in the 90s it might have a more lasting impression, but as it is, it is just ok. Still, there is something in there lurking, that might make me check out further efforts they do, as if they continue with that crushing doomy-esque style where they add some fast parts thus sounding like old AUTOPSY (or can they try to aim at a sound close to my other heroes SORROW / APPARITION) and with a brighter production, I am sure it will be a hell more interesting. Meanwhile, those looking for brutal American Death Metal form the 90s but done today, look no further.,

Julián “Coven Crusher” Núñez

Julián "Coven Crusher" Núñez

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