Issue # 4
(50 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Dima Andreyuk is back with the fourth installment of TOUGH RIFFS, a Death Metal report featuring old and new acts ripping up the scene. The whole zine is plastered with interviews, no news section, no reviews, just bands answering Dima’s questions, making up good informative reads. We are again getting a good deal of bands from my favorite list as OBITUARY, AUTOPSY, WOMBBATH and IMMOLATION of the old hordes, and newer great acts I enjoy a lot as well, as the great Danes in UNDERGANG, German rippers CARNAL TOMB, American slashers RUDE, SKELETAL REMAINS and CHURCH OF DISGUST, Gore veterans BRODEQUIN and PUTRID PILE, Dutch legends CEREMONY and ACROSTICHON and Maltese tech Deathsters BEHEADED, all quality bands, delivering a stellar job answering Dima’s questions. We are getting all around, past, present and future, new releases, classic releases and all the turmoil that being in / having a band offers. I was lying a tad in the first paragraph, as there have been included a page with newcomers telling a bit about themselves and what they are up to, I guess we can call that a news section, and a great way to quickly getting acquainted with new bands. We are also a getting a review, only one, spanning 2 pages, ranting about one of the best Death Metal releases ever made, "Legion" by the once mighty DEICIDE. The review is written by Jeff Tandy who is handling the vocals and bass in Texan BIRTH A.D., I have to check that band out, as he seems to by on my page. Once again I’m quite satisfied with TOUGH RIFFS, who has given me a good amount of enjoyment reading the zine, while listening to music from the great bands featured in it. I am already looking forward to the next installment. Contact Dima Andreyuk at or the printer and distributor, who is run by Jason Netherton, who you might have heard of ;). All further info at:

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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