Issue # 8
(60 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Quickly after the release of issue # 7, TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE # 8 returns to the usual concept of the earlier issues and once again presents us highly interesting, in-depth interviews with established classic bands from the past: CYNIC, CONFESSOR (10 pages with Steve Shelton), GENERAL SURGERY, GOREFEST (7 pages with Frank Harthoorn), BOLT THROWER, MASSACRA, INCUBUS / OPPROBRIUM and KORPSE plus 3 interviews that you will already know from our website with NIRVANA 2002, DEMIGOD and GOREPHOBIA (the latter was combined here with another interview that editor Dima Andreyuk did himself with Alex Bouks). Some interesting notes about DECEASED’s debut full length "Luck Of The Corpse" by King Fowley and a handful reviews round off another excellent issue. The layout is totally old school (meant in a positive way of course!), of top notch printing quality and the artwork (cover and frames have been contributed by Mark Riddick this time) just excellent. My only complaint is the font that was used for the reviews and intro page, which is not really fitting in my opinion and should be avoided in future issues. Apart from that: highly recommended and definitely one of my favorite zines at the moment for sure! You can order issue 8 at this location. More info at or via email:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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