Issue # 3
(53 pages, A4, printed, in English)

I don’t really read that many magazines these days, for some unknown reason, as I often are quite stunned when I see how well made many of the newer rags are. Most are coming in an old school design, which is soothing for an old geezer as myself, as it takes me back to when I started buying underground magazines back in the day, together with all the glossy ones, which I actually think had a good time in the nineties. Though flashforward to today, and TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE issue # 3, the first of the rag I have trawled through, even after having seen it here and there. As a quite well thought thing, the magazine does not feature any album reviews, which makes good sense as a printed magazine has a good chance of showcasing a lot of outdated reviews, as the printdates, getting back answers for interviews and such, have its way to push ahead the scheduled time of release, a time or two, haven’t we all been there? So a magazine topped with interviews, and quite good ones to be honest, Dima the man behind TOUGH RIFFS has a way to make the interviews interesting. We are getting through a good bunch of old favorites of mine as MALEVOLENT CREATION, SINISTER, MONSTROSITY, MERCYLESS and ROTTEN SOUND, more obscure acts making noise as IMMORTAL SUFERING, MORBIUS, DEVOID and MORPHEUS DESCENDS, and newer acts as GORGASM, ABORTED, PSYCROPTIC – I know my take on newer, is a tad outdated. And a few other bands, all doing there to make this zine a good read, and it for sure is, I have been entertained, enlighted and have a few releases I didn’t knew about, I have to check out! Contact Dima Andreyuk at or the printer and distributor, who is run by Jason Netherton, who you might have heard of ;). All further info at:

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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