Humanity And Its End
(Iron Pegasus Records)

Ever since discovering 2010’s "Taste The Sin Through The Fire", I’ve been a fanboy for the group’s infectious melody, ripping Death / Thrash riffs, and triumphant progressions that develop into hooky, memorable songs which – unlike so much other extreme Metal out there – never obfuscate themselves in a haze of incomprehensible fury or aimless blasting. The early SLAYER feel pervades ‘L.W.U.D’ and ‘Evil Possession’, though, with names like that, I’d be more shocked if they didn’t have chunks of Kerry King on their stool. But it isn’t all SLAYER, even within those worship pieces. ‘Ancient Times’ and ‘Banished From The Light’ lean more in the way of DEATH STRIKE and POSSESSED’s twin pillars of chaos and destruction. ‘Infernal Blasphemy’ turns to the trademark FUNERAL NATION riff to close things out, mixing old school Death Metal meat with 80s speed. "Humanity And Its End" is an album for which it’s almost impossible to pick highlights because every song offers something to love, and as such this is sure to please fans of dirty old school Death / Thrash like early SLAYER, not to mention followers of MASTER, SCEPTER, USURPER and other American acts. Cool. www.facebook.com/unholylust, www.iron-pegasus.com

Jarne Brauns

Jarne Brauns

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