Banished From The Light
(Iron Pegasus Records)

Since this was my first time exposed to Californians UNHOLY LUST, I made my homework and got some information on them. They started as a Punk band back in 1999, but turned into a full Metal band in 2002. And it was a great change. Or so I believe, upon listening to their latest release, the "Banished From The Light" EP. Almost 28 minutes of a really interesting mix of mid-paced Thrash Metal, 2nd generation Black Metal and a nice dose of Speed Metal. Yes, it sounds like a weird mix at first. But once the intro fades away, you’ll get hooked on UNHOLY LUST’s music. The somewhat melodic and fast tremolo riffing seems to be the constant here. It’s a rawer and more simplistic version of INFINITY or early IMMORTAL, with mid-paced rhythms and some blast beat outbursts put in the right places. Other influences, such as VENOM and BATHORY, show up in certain parts of the songs plus the undeniable Punk attitude. But these guys can also create an eerie atmosphere that looms over these 4 songs like eternal darkness. The production fits UNHOLY LUST’s style perfectly, with an amazingly thick yet clear guitar tone. Curiously, the bass is almost buried in the mix. But the drums are out there, pummeling their way through each track. And the vocals immediately reminded me of the Brazilian / Chilean scene back in the early 90s: an evil-infused grunt that crawls its way into your soul. The only advice I can give these guys is to either speed up or slow down. I mean, they keep a steady tempo for most of the songs, with little to no variation. But their slowest and fastest moments really shine out. Anyway, this is an EP worth buying. One more time, Iron Pegasus Records excels in putting excellent material out there. It has it all for a self-proclaimed Metal fan. Put on your bullet belts and spikes and bang your head to UNHOLY LUST! Support the band and let them know how awesome their music is: www.unholylust.com, www.facebook.com/unholylust, www.iron-pegasus.com

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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