Deimos Sanktuarium
(Pulverised Records / Dark Descent Records)

VANHELGD is a well-known act in the current extreme Metal community that continues working on new releases, mainly full-lengths of pure Swedish Death Metal madness. They have just released their new album entitled "Deimos Sanktuarium", the fifth one in their entire career, on Pulverised in co-operation with Dark Descent Records. ‘A Plea For Divine Necromancy’ is the first track here, a simple slow Death Metal composition that gives you some clue about the entire production. I have heard this album several times during the last few days and the final result is not completely satisfactory to me: I miss some uncontrolled chaotic performance. This is closer to Death / Doom territories than pure unstoppable Death Metal brutality in the way I enjoy the most. No complaints about it, but the album is weak in so many ways. As was said, here we have some problems with sound matters: this is overproduced to me, especially the drums. Add to that the album is a bit plain. Don’t get me wrong: the music is not bad here, but I really think some of the compositions could be developed in a different way, oriented to some faster passages instead of staying in the mid-paced patterns excessively. A direction change is not intrinsically bad, but I’m a bit shocked when I contrast what they did on their previous albums with this new stuff. Maybe I will change my mind in some weeks or months, but right now I consider this one the weakest one in the VANHELGD discography. Follow them at and if you have heard the promo song on YouTube and enjoyed it, get one copy at

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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