Temple Of Phobos
(Pulverised Records)

This is a band I have been fan of and following since their debut album. Yes, they are an old school Death Metal band from Sweden that is not denying their inheritance, but instead of following the ENTOMBED sound full-on, they go for a more morbid approach, to me sounding like CREMATORY with touches of early TIAMAT and some UNLEASHED in there. This fourth album shows them as a very mature band, with a great production and execution, and although still ferocious, I felt a bit of more doomy touches, akin to early PARADISE LOST and ASPHYX also comes to mind. The quite suffocating atmosphere of this album also might recall some of those INCANTATION influenced bands, but in this case, I cannot say they are influenced by the American goat-worshipers, instead the approach to a more doomy, grotesque sound, captures that asphyxiating aura. Those riffs, where the guitars go fast but the rhythm section is on a slow mood, are used with great effect. One of the things I really like about the band are the killer vocals delivered, this is how Death Metal vocals are supposed to be: brutal, cavernous yet with good pronunciation and a bit high pitched tingled. The overall concept, including the artwork and lyrical content seems like a continuation of their previous album “Relics Of Sulphur Salvation”. Some songs are also growled in Swedish – yes, they do have that full on heavy, thick Boss Metal sound to 10, and yes they do have that fat, juicy riffs, yet as they are also using wicked melodies, they are also having a quite distinct (occult if you want) sound, that they have already mastered here. Few bands like VANHELGD can be a seal of quality these days. This new album will of course continue with me as a fan, and if yo haven’t given the band a chance it is time now to correct that. Get all their albums. This is what Death Metal is all about.,

Julián “Lamentation Of The Mortals” Núñez

Julián “Lamentation Of The Mortals” Núñez

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