Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
(Pulverised Records)

A Swedish band that released their first album back in 2008, now presents their third opus of death and damnation, and if you ever have heard them, let me tell you this is probably one of those Swedish bands that even if following the Svensk Dods Metal we all worship, they do it in a more dark and obscure way, recalling at times the sound of old CREMATORY although with less grind parts. Another band that comes to mind are the works of TOXAEMIA and early TIAMAT / TREBLINKA and I can also say that this takes influences from the neighboring scene in Finland as touches of DEMIGOD and CONVULSE can be heard, with the obvious AUTOPSY and INCANTATION / IMMOLATION sound, thus creating a very dark and morbid record of the Metal of Death I am more attracted. Also, the band hits the nail in the coffin with a production style which sounds powerful and raw, but also cavernous and suffocating. This is one of those few bands that are doping the real Death Metal sound with a very personal touch, paying homage to the elders and sounding different at the same time. ‘The Salt In My Hands’ is among the best Death Metal offerings one can get today, in the past or in the future, hear and mark my words on fire. And if you have not heard the previous two albums, I command you to seek for those now as they are all some of the best death morbid and evil Death Metal. A serious contender for release of the year.,,

Julián “May the Worms Have Mercy on My Flesh” Núñez

Julián “May the Worms Have Mercy on My Flesh” Núñez

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