The Curse Of The Antichrist
(Blood Harvest Records)

This Death Metal outfit from Sweden has managed to stay away from the (nowadays so typical) NWOSDM from the early 90s. And it shows perfectly through all their releases. After a 10 year wait, VERMINOUS just unleashed their second album, followed closely by "The Curse Of The Antichrist" 7" EP, released through Blood Harvest Records. In my humble opinion, I think this EP may appeal mostly to die hard fans and collectors. Please don’t get me wrong. The title track is one hell of a song. ‘The Curse Of The Antichrist’ is crude Death Metal the way it was meant to be. And it shines in its own right, including Linus’ hysterical vocal approach, crunchy riffs a plenty and a rhythm section, courtesy of Agge and Jonas, that pounds its way through 4 minutes of Death Metal frenzy. The raw production is perfect for VERMINOUS sharp and edgy style. Sometimes it resembles some of those Death / Black Metal bands from the late 90s. But one can’t deny that the rotten and damp atmosphere is more present than ever! They have also included 2 cover versions here. I think VERMINOUS didn’t want to mess up with any of these 2 songs, because they stay really close to the originals. ‘Hang The Pope’ is maybe NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s fastest, and also shortest, song ever. I mean, it’s 40 seconds of madness and it’s all over (I still wonder how one can sing the lyrics that fast – Frank). And then you have NIHILIST’s ‘Revel In Flesh’. Personally, I think this song has been covered way too many times. Maybe the production doesn’t help the VERMINOUS version, compared to the deep, massive guitar tone of the original. But they play it with so much attitude and conviction that in the end, it turns out really good. This is one nice release for all those vinyl maniacs (I am getting a copy for sure!). Others may say 8 minutes of music it’s not worth it. Find all info regarding the band here:, or you can contact the label directly here:

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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