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“Gebirgshöhenstille” is the latest release from VINTERRIKET, one of the busiest artists in the German Black Metal underground and maybe the first release from this band / project which is available to a wider audience due to the fact that their new business partner Displeased Records can use other ways to make VINTERRIKET’s music available to our well beloved Metal community. The six songs are typical VINTERRIKET stuff which means that CZ (even after a long journey of 12 years) is still searching the perfect picture of mother nature by fusing Dark Ambient parts with Black Metal. Due to the fact that including all tapes, singles, split CDs this is their 40th release (please contact me if you know a band which can add more releases to their agenda) I expected more from this new release because even if you have a strong fanbase the idea of adding something new to your music / style couldn’t be unknown even to a man who does not care about the opinion of foreigners (sorry but this is only the original Displeased sound from their infosheet!). The music is still quite interesting but the contrast between black / white is too blurry, too vague – it’s more or less one calm moment divided into six different songs and even after several times no special part / moment can be memorized. This release is unfortunately a step back in time to records like “Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit” than to their best release “Winterschatten “from 2003.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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