German Thrashing War
(R.I.P. Records)

I think most people out there already know that WITCHBURNER meanwhile turned into the band the legendary DESTRUCTION used to be in the 80s. Their 2002 MCD / MLP "German Thrashing War" is the best prove for that. WITCHBURNER do not fuck around with modern sounds or 08/15 Abyss productions like DESTRUCTION did on their Nuclear Blast debut nor release partly weak material like the German legend did on "The Antichrist". WITCHBURNER focus on the essence of traditional German Thrash, write killer songs like ‘Arrival Of The Last Storm’ or ‘Raped In Ecstasy’ and reincarnate the spirit and drive DESTRUCTION, KREATOR or EXUMER embodied in the glory days of Thrash Metal! Especially singer Patrick sounds a lot like Schmier and turns "German Thrashing War" into a great journey through the past. As a big fan of NWOBHM – bands there’s only one thing I feel obliged to criticise – the cover of ‘Witchfinder General’ (now ‘Witchburner General’), it’s absolutely horrible!!! But fuck it, the remaining four songs are excellent German Thrash, well produced and should make you bang at instant. Start the German Thrashing War!!! For more information check WITCHBURNER’s homepage www.witchburner.de or contact the band using the following email address: witchburner666@web.de.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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