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This mini – album is the follow up to ZARATHUSTRA’S last full – length from 2003 "Perpetual Black Force". And "Contempt" is a strong output from these German (Black) Metallers. You get the full fist of traditional Black Metal mixed with Death and Thrash Metal parts directly into your face. Usually I am not a friend of mixing it all up, but ZARATHUSTRA do this very skilled and it sounds so naturally weaved into the arrangements and therefore fits so perfectly. "Contempt" is not a new invention in this genre, but it sounds unbelievably fresh, you can really feel that these guys love what they are playing and that’s great. Also a thick plus of "Contempt" is its variety, from fast to midtempo, intelligently interrupted by slow parts or short breaks, and then it breaks loose again. The whole material, packed into a good, powerful and transparent but not overdone clean production is great, played perfectly and with dedication. Get it!,

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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