Perpetual Black Force
(Undercover Records)

People in need of a furious dose of individual sounding Black / Thrash should definitely give ZARATHUSTRA a serious chance. The production is pretty good for an underground release – quite transparent and powerful – the song writing skills of the infernal German quintet have improved as well and varies between storming aggression and almost epic feeling. Personally I sometimes feel reminded of old DESASTER or Australian warriors GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, DESTRÖYER 666 (maybe due to the fact that DESTRÖYER 666’s drummer plays in ZARATHUSTRA as well) and everyone into those bands should get along with ZARATHUSTRA pretty well. After the band’s last effort "Dogma Antichrist" in 2000 a couple of line up changes seem to have been slowing down the work on the new album, but after a resurfacing with the 7" EP "Nihilistic Terror" in 2003, ZARATHUSTRA are back again with full force and the new album’s title might not only refer to this process, but undoubtedly summarises what ZARATHUSTRA are right now – a vicous black force which deserves to perpetuate! Songs like ‘Mass Execution’ or ‘Dynasty Of The Eternal Ones’ are rousing attacks from hell, which combine hymnic melodies and driving speed and are just fucking great Metal! The vocals of "Satan’s Whore" Hurricane might have been better if they’d be less screamy, but that’s a matter of taste and should keep you from trying out this upcoming band. Visit for additional information and MP3…

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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