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December 30, 2000

The following news section was compiled by Christophe Szpajdel from Belgium courtesy of his DEVIL’S ELIXIR newsletter:

MALEFACTOR are still intensely promoting their debut album and tries to establish a lot of contacts over here in view to realize their upcoming tour in february 2001. For the moment they don’t have any date fixed. You can check this band on the "Winds of the New Millennium" comp CD released by Demise records who in the meantime released debut albums from SOULLESS, CHEMICAL DISASTER; PETALON and some others. I must admit that I have nothing from this band, except the song they brought on the abovementioned comp CD, one reason more to mail them directly. MALEFACTOR plays a kind of own style, combining the aggressivity of old thrash, brutality of death metal and bewitching ambiance of dark horror/epic metal. A highly recommandable band to check out now! .. Malefactor can be contacted through lordvlad@bol.com.br

ABOMINATTION isn’t it the mythic band featuring Paul Speckmann on bass and vokills?. Oh dear how does Specky handle to rehearse with Krabathor in Czech Republic and with ABOMINATION in BRAZIL???? Mysterium et Bolla de Gomma! The other musicians are all originating from Italy but they turned to live in Brazil due to the abundance of delicious bucetinhas! Here we go: Fabio Suliani (guitars), Cipriano Maffei (drums), Luciano Zanotto (bass and vokillz) and Daniele Suliani (guitars). Anyway the new album is coming out and it’s called "Rites of Eternal Hate", 8 tracks of old school death metal in the pure tradition. I suppose you still could remember their previous single "Hated by the Flames". Guess what! The band will tour Europe in February and they are urgently looking for shows. So if you think you can help, please mail directly to: FSuliani@ucs.tche.br

IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE, extreme death metal from Brazil are still very urgently looking for as many gigs as possible for March, April and May for as many shows as possible and that everywhere. Remember they already played some single shows in Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium in August. All what the band asks is a sleeping place, food and drinks.and of course a massive support from all zines, labels, radiostations, fans. As very close friends of KRISIUN, they supported them on their latest BRAZILIAN tour and now they come to Europe, so please do them a favor if you wanna see live a particularly BRILLIANT band!!! Any last minute help is needed, mail directly to hellhorde@ig.com.br or darkdimension@ig.com.br or trevizan@netpar.com.br.

DESCEREBRATION; I suppose you already heard about this wild, womendesecrating death metal band from Brazil. Just imagine the perfect combination between KRISIUN and BLASPHEMY.Totally wild and demented death metal with the pure old school feeling! I just got their two song promo-tape featuring "Bastard Creation" and "Death Metal Forever". There are chances about doing some shows with DESTRÖYER666 but nothing is confirmed. Something highly recommandable. All mags, record labels, radios, maniacs who can help them in getting as many contacts over Europe, please mail them to: rodolfo@cpminas.com.br

NECROTERIO plays putrid death metal from Beyond, in the old Carcass/General Surgery/Necrony vein. After a brilliant demo "Putrid Glory" (1993) and a debut full-length CD "Lament of the Flesh", the band is actually trying to get in touch with all european zines, radios, maniacs and labels to start their european propaganda which will be followed by a tour. More Brazilian death metal to come over Europe later. Mail to: rottenscars@hotmail.com or putridglory@hotmail.com

SANATORIO from Brazil, not to be mixed up with the Slovak SANATORIUM are also planning a European tour somewhere in September. They have already three demo-tapes released so far: "House of Death" (1995), "Master of Lies" (1997) and the latest one "Rotten Penetration" (1999). If you like primitive death metal in the vein of SadistiK Exekution, this is the band you must absolutely check out. I have both their demos in my distribution as well. So you can mail me or to the band directly: mail to: sanatorio_death@hotmail.com

NEPHASTH from Brazil are currently recording their full length album scheduled for January/February 2001. I don’t know which label is gonna release it but if this new stuff is in the same vein as their brilliant "The Merciless Faces of Evil" demo CD, be sure to keep an eye on one of the most promising band from Brazil right after the sensational REBAELLIUN. Keep an eye on this band and believe me they will kick your ass for sure! A European tour is confirmed for the middle of next year. Mail to: isoul@zaz.com.br

QUEIRON have just released their split CD with Mental Horror and now plans a real European tour in the fall of 2001. This is ultrafast avanger death-speed metal in the purest brazilian tradition. You know, these fast and sharp quitarleads like razorblades, this steamhammer fast and fanatic way of drumming and these aggressive vokills in the Sarcofago vein..Just the hottest band arising from Brazil, ready to invade Europe in 2001: mail to: queiron@bol.com.br

FUNERATUS is another fantastic death metal band band from Brazil, they are the soulbrothers of KRISIUN and will more than probably join QUEIRON on tour. For that please mail directly to their label, Mutilation Records, mutilation@uol.com.br The label also announces the release of another brazilian sensation, HOLDER.

SUHRIM. I already told you about this bulging death metal band from Belgium. They are around for more than 13 years in their infernal struggle. Actually they have a line up with TOP musicians from which the only original member is Johan who deals with the bass and the necrobulging vokills. If you are really having a fuckin’ball, then be sure to mail to them as they are really looking for a lot of concerts all over Europe. johan.antonissen@pandora.be

ICONOCLASM are now worldwide recognized as the Cult Session Maniacs and nobody can forget their Cult666Session tour with LIMBONIC ART, REBAELLIUN and the infamous MYSTIC CIRCLE. I know not many people were present at the shows on this tour except East-Germany and Poland but who cares? Their debut album "Marching Evil" is still not released and nobody know which label is gonna bring it out. Anyway on Saturday 17th of february I organize the official release party of "Marching Evil" in the Frontline, Gent and the special guests will be: ARKHON INFAUSTUS (fra), HOMICIDE(ger) plus some more to be announced. Anyway for more info, you can mail to: iconoclasm666@hotmail.com

ENTHRONED are entering in the studio in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to record their upcoming album "Armoured Bestial Hell". According to the new songs I have heard on their two last shows, the material for this album will be in the purest ENTHRONED tradition, so if you adore the previous releases, you will be ravished by the brutality of the last album concocted by the bodega-masters.The release party will have place in April 2001 in the Frontline, Gent with DESASTER, PENTACLE, CIRITH GORGOR and some other additional guests I will announce you right in time.

INFERNAL LEGION from Belgium are preparing a new album on LSP, this 80s thrash/black metal band already shared various stages in Belgium , Netherlands (where they opened for VADER), in France (opening for MORBID ANGEL in Strasbourg and DEICIDE in Paris). Actually the band is open for every gig proposal all over Europe. A french mini-tour is also planned. Keep in mind that the mini-cd "Die and Become" is nearly sold out. In the meantime you can check them out on the LUGBURZ belgian metal webpage. Mail to: Peter Noens, Vuldershoek 28, 2230 Herselt, Belgium.

THRONEUM, do you remember this fantastic old school dark/death metal band? They have released a great second demo entitled "The Underground Storms Eternally". I still haven’t heard it but it appears to be, according to what I may expect after their first demotape, a combination of old Vader, Darkthrone, old Thou Shalt Suffer, Asphyx, Mayhem, old Death etc… darkness, misanthropy & chaos is included there !!! Tape is released in a professionally way. Traders are welcome!!! EXTREME DENSE ART #1 newsletter includes Apocalyptic Raids (Brazil), Autumnal Reaper (The Netherlands), Temple Of Baal (France), Mistress (Germany), Redivivus (Poland), an article "Vampires- myth or history", a ton of reviews and others… It is printed in 1000 copies and spreading out for free Throneum & E.D.A. newsletter c/o Tomasz Hanuszkiewicz; P.O.Box 66; 41-923 Bytom; Poland; tomaszh@poland.com

ABORTED are undisputably the most brutal blasting death-splatter band from Europe. After a fantastic album "The Purity of Perversion" and a split CD with CHRIST DENIED from Spain, they signed on LISTENABLE for their second album which will see the day in early next year. ABORTED have many plans for gigs in USA and Canada for April, including some major festivals and an extended tour. They are looking for many gigs now all over Europe, mail to: goremageddon@hotmail.com

DUST is the parallel band of one of the ABORTED guitarists, Mr "Rough Hands" . This band was supposed to release their debut album on Lowlife Records but since the recorded material is already more than a year old and since the band has plenty of new songs, this debut "Creation of Demise" will probably never see the day. Meanwhile some of the songs will be used as promotion material for mags and labels. Musicwise it’s pure old school death metal in the vein of early Death, Massacre and Morbid Angel. All who are interested to get it, please mail directly to: marec@village.uunet.be

ANAL TORTURE is another parallel band featuring Sven from Aborted. It’s old school grind with some splatter elements and hysterikill meowings, growlings, gruntings, barkings, screamings of castrated men by the mighty serre-couilles. Actually they have full material recorded for a possible split CD with MASTECTOMIA from Poland who recently joined the Cock and Ball Crew. Only a label is needed to press the whole shit. Both bands: analtorture@hotmail.com and mastectomia@interia.pl

NILE‘s "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" album will be released in picture LP format in the UK on February 19th.

Watch for a new MAYHEM album this spring featuring material left off of "Grand Declaration Of War" plus various live tracks. In related Mayhem news, the Spanish film company Visual Beast Films will release the short film, Estigmas, which will feature the band’s track ‘A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun’. The film will be spread through TV channels and cinema festivals worldwide.

According to Metal Update, PHLEGETHON‘s 1998 three track demo has been made available by former MASSACRE vocalist Kam ‘The Tyrant’ Lee. To acquire this CD, go to panzer58@hotmail.com

Pulverized Records will be releasing the new SATHANAS MCD, "Cruentus Diabolos", soon.

KULT OV AZAZEL is searching for a new drummer to do touring with now that their new CD is finished. Interested parties should email the band at KultOvAzazel@aol.com, or the label at UAllDie@aol.com

Sweden’s DIABOLICUM are in the Abyss Studios with Peter Tagtgren recording their forthcoming album, "The Dark Blood Rising", for Code 666. The CD will be released in a deluxe digipak format including a special CD ROM track with a brand new video, photos, info and more. The band features members of SETHERIAL and other guests will also appear on the album, set to be released on March 31st.

The following ARCH ENEMY statements were posted recently at www.archenemy.net. "I thought I’d get around to putting something up here before we leave the studio, right now Sharlee is recording bass and he is happy with his bass sound and just getting on with it really (as the true soldier of metal he is, haha). On January the 9th, myself and Daniel will be travelling to England and mix the album with Andy Sneap in his studio. I am really looking forward to hearing what Andy is gonna do with what we’ve recorded. We are all big fans of what he did on the new Nevermore album (Dead Heart In A Dead World) and the Testament The Gathering album, so we hope it’s gonna work really well for us. After three studio albums (+ the mix of the live album) it is time to move on and try to get a wider perspective and some new people with fresh ideas working on Arch Enemy. As far as a the vocalist situation goes, we do have a new vocalist and the vocals on the album are done. And they are totally killer. We will be presenting the new line-up as soon as we get some cool pics done to show you all! I will be posting messages here again when I am in the UK mixing the album, letting you all know about how that is going. So until then, myself and the rest of the Arch Enemies wish you a Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year!"

December 24, 2000

Here’s a little note from KAM LEE which pretty much updates our interview: "Dispite the rumors… KAULDRON is still going to happen! Yes, the (EQUINOX) members did bail on me… I feel it was mostly out of fear of the unknown more than anything else, but dispite the set back… KAULDRON will still continue! I have plans on entering the studio myself in February to do the MCD… I had written half of the material anyhow, so it shouldn’t be a problem… I just wanted to inform everyone that those "Dark Demonic Forces" sent to work against me have backfired and have only fueled the hellfire in me to take this band to even darker and sicker levels of depravity and gore then ever before! Fuck the weak and destroy the cowards… The year of the tyrant is upon you… can you feel the fear?!"

December 23, 2000

On December 21, 2000 a limited Split 7" EP (500 copies) of CORPUS CHRISTII / DECAYED entitled "Decadentia Christii" got released. Fans of raw Black Metal can order a copy for 1000 Esc / 10 DM / 5 USD from the following address: H I B E R I C A P.O. Box 174 8300-999 Silves Portugal Fax: +351 282 44 56 11 Info line (Mobile): +351 96 46 77 973 hiber@clix.pt But you better hurry up, cause more than 300 copies already sold with pre orders!

December 22, 2000

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s Joe Black album has been remastered and now includes bonus tracks. The tracklisting: ‘Joe Black’, ‘Self Important Freak’, ‘Sadistic Perversity’, ‘No Salvation’ (remix), ‘To Kill’ (remix), ‘Tasteful Agony’ (remix), ‘Genetic Affliction’, ‘Raining Blood’, ‘Remnants Of Withered Decay’ and ‘Impaled Existence’.

Currently on the road promoting his new book, Are You Morbid? Into The Pandemonium Of Celtic Frost, TOM GABRIEL FISCHER (aka Tom G. Warrior) revealed that he will be doing "A new Frost album – we are going to attempt it at least. First we’re going to do rehearsals for songwriting this coming Spring. We all have our main projects (including APOLLYON’S SUN) , so the Frost album will be a side project. Should it work, it’ll be an ongoing side project, but on the other hand we hope we are self critical enough to not release anything should we feel it cannot live up to the standards Frost has once set. We don’t want to go and ruin Frost’s reputation with some rehash old foggie album. It’s go to be as innovative and interesting as the old Frost was, otherwise we’re not going to do it." As for Apollyon Sun, his midly-received alterna-project: "We have begun work on a second album. It’s going to be quite a large step forward from the first album, it’s going to be much darker, much heavier, it’s going to have much more interesting ideas on it. We’re trying to expand Apollyon Sun in a Frost manner, that we want to go much further and incorporate more ideas from one album to the other, perhaps in a more subtle way, but certainly in the same philosophy. We have begun work on the second album, we expect to finish it next year. We are going to go to an American label with the album. It’s too early to mention a name here because nothing has been signed yet but we have a lot of very good people with us and we’re very confident we’re going to have a much better contract for the next album than we had for the first one. We are very convinced the second album’s going to be a great step forward for the band. We’re certainly going to tour on the second album, we have toured with the first one in Europe and it was amazing, the response, the band’s very aggressive, very heavy live. That has come across really well on stage so we’re very eager to bring that to the States." Throughout the Frost biography, Fischer is quite open/bitter about his relationship with their label Noise Records during Frost’s career. As for the recent split with Sanctuary, he remarks: "When you read my book, just substitute the name Sanctuary for the name Noise, and you’ll know exactly what happened. I’m 100% serious about this. The only thing is we realized much earlier nowadays because we have more experience and we were able to quit in a mutual decision without going to court and everything. Other than that it’s probably the most short sighted label you can find nowadays. For any rock band I would strongly warn any band to go there if they want to just record the same album over and over, it’s the perfect label. That doesn’t apply to us."

The following are quotes from the ARCH ENEMY website, www.archenemy.net. "Today we were graced with the presence of the keyboard wizard from Borlange, Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars). He has been adding great vibes and textures to the monolithic Arch Enemy album. Using old mellotron sounds and piano he has created some really atmospheric and sometimes downright spooky stuff for us, we are very pleased! We have also been doing guitar solos over the last couple of days and that is going really well too, the brothers of metal are spitting out licks’n’tricks left right and centre, hehe… Gotta go, I hear an arpeggio. Sharlee" "Oh yezzz…we are still here, working around the clock (well, nearly anyway!) in order to deliver a great album asap! The Metal Monster (great working title, huh?) is taking form. There is now a THICK wall of ultra heavy guitars on tape (or hard disk actually as we are in pro-tools heaven/hell!). Wish you could hear it, it sounds amazing! It’s becoming quite clear to us that we have some of our best riffs ever on this album! I am also working on the lyrics a little, doing some fine tuning here and there. I will be posting the song titles soon here on the website. The lyrics cover all kinds of ground this time, and I’m really pleased with them, they are as intense as the music, really emotional stuff. Well, I should be helping Chris record right now, see you soon..bye! Michael"

CATASTROPHIC, featuring OBITUARY’s Trevor Peres and including members of PYREXIA, will release their debut album, The Cleansing, on Metal Blade Records March 6th in North America and February 5th in Europe. To find out more information and download an MP3 from The Cleasing visit: www.catastrophic.org

DARK TRANQUILLITY are planning two gigs with THE HAUNTED in Greece for January 27th and 28th. The band will also play in Karen, Gothenburg on February 8th with EVERGREY, TRANSPORT LEAGUE and IN FLAMES. The event will be broadcast live on Swedish radio.

DEICIDE are currently in Florida writing tracks for their next release, to be recorded in April and released in Fall 2001. Glen Benton pomises the "heaviest and sickest record of all time".

Former CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist/songwriter Stuart Anstis has a new ambient project called APHELION (pronounced Ap-heel-e-on). The album will be released in February on Iris Light Records. There will be a limited edition of 500 copies of this album that are individually signed by Stuart.

Necropolis Records is pleased to announce the addition of two of Japan’s finest and fiercest bands to their 2001 schedule, death metallers INTESTINE BAALISM and DEFILED.

KRISIUN are at home in Brazil working on new material for their next full-length.

BORKNAGAR have been nominated for Best Norwegian Metal Album of 2000 for a new Norwegian alternative music award. The prize goes to the band that gets the most votes through the Internet. To vote, visit the following website: www.alarmweb.org

December 21, 2000

On January 29th, 2001 Osmose Productions will release another ANGELCORPSE album entitled "Iron, Blood & Blasphemy", which features all their cover versions from Slayer, Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Judas Priest, Possessed, Kreator and Iron Maiden, as well as the two classic EPs "Wolflust" and "Nuclear Hell". Unreleased live tracks from the 1998 European tour and the "Goats to Azazael" demo will complete the disc, which has a total of 18 tracks!

December 19, 2000

The latest CENTINEX album "Hellbrigade" is now available directly from the band as well. Just visit their website www.centinex.com for further details. A limited vinyl version will be out in January, through Nocturnal Music, followed by the south american CD version on Picoroco Records. Early next year "Hellbrigade" will be released in USA & Canada through World War III Records and in Russia (a tape version) through Irond Records. The three tracks from the band’s "Apocalyptic Armageddon" 7"EP are included as bonus material on all these licensed releases (except on the LP). CENTINEX have recently returned from Black Lounge Studios where they recorded the track "Enchanted Land" for a SODOM-tribute which will be out early next year through Dwell Records. In March the band will team up with DERANGED for some dates in Sweden.

December 18, 2000

According to www.archenemy.net, ARCH ENEMY are currently rehearsing in a Gothenburg studio. Production duties have been handed over to Fredrik Nordstrom, with mixing being held in the UK with Andy Sneap. Still no word on a new vocalist.

FEAR FACTORY have finished mixing their forthcoming LP, "Digimortal". Mastering will take place in January.

ARMAGEDDON‘s second album, "Embrace The Mystery", is ready for release in Japan. The band’s new line-up features ARCH ENEMY drummer Daniel Erlandsson, new singer Rickard Bengtsson and bassist Dick Löwgren.

ATHEIST have reformed and are jamming with drummer Jason West. A new album is expected by the middle of 2001.

LOCK UP will hit the studio in January with Andy Sneap to record their next album.

ABORTED is currently writing additional songs for their forthcoming album to be released in April 2001 on Listenable Records.

AETURNUS will release a special CD while they prepare new material for their upcoming full-length. This special CD, titled Burning The Shroud, contains one new song, one unreleased track, and other material. Hammerheart America intends to release it February 13th.

ANCIENT RITES will release their fourth studio album on Hammerheart Records. The recordings will take place in December/January with a projected North American street date of May 2001.

ENTHRONED have finished recording their new album, "Armoured Bestial Hell", which will be their final release for the Blackened label.

Holland’s SINISTER have signed to Hammerheart Records and will release their upcoming album on March 26th.

GODGORY will be entering Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 1st to record their fourth album.

Switzerland’s ALASTIS recently spent four weeks recording their new album in Sound Suite Studio. The band have hired a full time keyboardist and are now a five-piece.

…AND OCEANS recorded their new album, Allotropic/Metamorphic – Genesis Of Dimorphism at Abyss Studio B with Tommy Tagtgren at the helm. The final tracklisting follows: ‘Intelligence Is Sexy’, ‘White Synthetic Noise’, ‘Tears Have No Name’, ‘Esprit De Corps’, ‘Odious & Devious’, ‘Of Devillish Tongues’, ‘Postfuturistika’, ‘TBA In A Silver Box’ and ‘New Model World’.

MADDER MORTEM finished recording material for their upcoming album, All Flesh Is Grass, at Studio Underground in Sweden in October. Look for the album to come out in Europe on February 19th and March 6th in the U.S.

VITAL REMAINS is looking for a new record deal. The band is also in search of a professional, permanent death metal bass player. Interested parties contact: VitalRemains2000@aol.com

December 14, 2000

CRUACHAN has entered the studio to record songs for a MCD (being released in March 2001 and called "Ride on") and their album (for release September 2001, called "Folklore"). Shawn McGowan (of The Pogues) and Brendan Perry (of Dead Can Dance) will take part on this album.

SATARIEL have signed a deal with Hammerheart Records.

REBAELLIUN has more or less finished their writing-proces and the new album "Annihilation" will be recorded at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen in February 2001, it will have 8 new tracks and "Bringer of War" re-recorded, plus a coversong as a bonus on the limited edition CD and vinyl.

EM SINFONIA is not a new band from the U.S.A., but a project of Brian Griffin (Broken Hope’s songwriter and studio-owner) that did an EP in 1999 already on Martyr Music Group The album will be released in Europe on Hammerheart Records and it is titled "Intimate Portrait", very progressive atmospheric Death/Doom with different vocal-styles and keyboards.

SKYFIRE has finally finished their debut album at Abyss Studio called "Timeless Departure". It is supposed to be like Dark Tranquility meets Rhapsody meets Children of Bodom, very Metal, very melodic and with classical influences (and guitar-solos of course).

Hammerheart Records will release the following stuff on vinyl in January 2001: INFERNAL‘s "Infernal" MLP, DARK FUNERAL‘s "In the Sign…" LP, NECROPHAGIA‘s "A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness" 2-LP and AUTOPSY‘s "Ridden with Disease" LP. In February ZYKLON‘s "World of Worms" will follow.

December 12, 2000

MANGLED have finished the recordings of their upcoming new full length "Most Painful Ways". This release is set for February 2001. The CD features ten tracks, the vinyl will have a cover from CANNIBAL CORPSE (‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’) as a bonus. The track also appears on the upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE tribute (other bands include SEVERE TORTURE, FLESHTIZED, FLESHGRIND, AVULSED, CENTINEX, CHRIST DENIED, DEEDS OF FLESH, MORTICIAN, DYING FETUS, LIVIDITY and SKINLESS). MANGLED are also featured on the MORBID ANGEL tribute "SCREAM FORTH BLASPHEMY" (with ‘Visions From the Dark Side’). For more info go to: http://listen.to/mangled

December 05, 2000

The new GOD DETHRONED album is as good as finished. They just need to mix and master and that’s it! According to label info the album is supposed to be a bit faster than "Bloody Blasphemy" and the tunes are catchier, easier to get into. There will be cover songs of DEATH and MACABRE END on the album. Here is the tracklist: 1. Villa Vampiria, 2. The Crown for the Morbid, 3. (Eve & Serpentio in the garden of Eden) The Poison Apple, 4. Swallow the Spikes, 5. Consumed by Darkness, 6. Ravenous, 7. Winter Campaign 2002, 8. The mysteries that make you Bleed, 9. The Iconoclast Deathride, 10. Evil Dead

December 04, 2000

The new ARES KINGDOM website address is www.ares-kingdom.00band.com It is a very basic site and still under construction. Questions and comments are welcome.

It is with much pride that HAMMERHEART RECORDS Worldwide welcomes its newest recording artist, CONTROL DENIED. The label debut (band’s somophore release) is now underway in Tampa’s Morrisound Studios with producer Jim Morris at the board. Poignantly titled, "When Machine And Man Collide", the album’s subject matter touches upon the darker and more intrusive nature of today’s technology, among other things. Chuck Schuldiner, the Metal mastermind we have all come to consider one of the godfathers of Heavy Metal, naturally resides at the helm of CONTROL DENIED. Contrary to the ever-churning rumor mill, Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Richard Christy (drums) are still full-time members of CONTROL DENIED. Their participation in other projects has not and will not take away from their involvement in the band. Smoothing out the returning line-up are Shannon Hamm (guitar) and Tim Aymar (vocals). When questioned about the sound and ideology of "When Machine And Man Collide", Chuck had this to say: "This album will NOT contain any guest rappers, 7-string guitars, baggy pants or any other elements from so-called "New Metal". CONTROL DENIED is NOT a Power Metal band and it is NOT a side project. This album will crush those misconceptions completely! I believe more than ever that this album will embrace my musical past while once again taking a step forward into the future. This is something for all true Metal fans."

PROFANITY‘s new CD "Slaughtering Thoughts" is out now. The CD contains eight songs of brutal and technical Death Metal. You can download a new song (‘The Springs Within’) from the band’s homepage www.profanity.de The CD is available for 20,- DM plus 3,-DM for postage or 12$ at the following address: PROFANITY, Thomas Sartor, Jahnstr. 5, 86399 Bobingen, Germany, Phone: +49 08234 90 32 69, E-mail: tom@profanity.de All Zines, Distros, Labels that are interested to get a promo CD should get in touch with the band’s label CUDGEL AGENCY at www.cudgel.de or by E-mail office@cudgel.de

According to www.warmusic.se ARCH ENEMY vocalist Johan Liiva has decided to leave the band. He has joined NONEXIST with ANDROMEDA guitarist Johan Reinholdz. Nonexist will beging recording an album shortly. In related news, Andromeda’s new album will be out on January 29th.

EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn wishes to send this message to all friends worldwide, "So, what’s new from the Emperor camp? Well, since IX and the subsequent touring, the three of us have been busy indulging in other musical environments. Thus, avoiding the trap of monotony and exploring more territory in the vast landscapes of music. Nonetheless, and I cannot help myself from saying this, again it’s time for The Emperors Return. (Hey, was that a prediction or just a cliché? It s pompous, but it works, he, he). Yes, nine (IX) songs are ready for the fourth Emperor album. A main title is still not decided, but among the songs you will find: ‘The Eruption’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Depraved’. So, what can I say about the new stuff? Lyrically, it will be somehow different, as it is more concretely concept-based than what we have done before. As a natural consequence of the bands work over the last decade, I think the music involves many sides of what Emperor has been doing up till now, but, since I would hate to stagnate and repeat myself, I hope many new aspects will come to the surface too. Apart from this, it would be hard (and unnecessary) to give a deeper description of the next Emperor album. There is still a lot of work to be done with the final arrangements and the actual production, so we can onedy promise that we will do our best. When? Well, we aim to release this album Spring 2001, but nothing is definitely set. We ll try to keep you updated when things start falling into place. So, be prepared. Before you know it, The Empocalypse will be upon Thee. Yours Sincerely, IHSAHN."

Century Media Records in Europe has released SENTENCED‘s "Crimson" on limited picture vinyl and reissued Frozen and Amok in a two-CD box. According to guitarist Sami Lopakka "We are now taking a six months break with the band. To calm our nerves, to gain some will to live and continue with this thing we have created. Against the rumours and some people’s hopes we are not going to split up. Also, none of us have killed ourselves and none of us is are in the hospital because of alcoholism/drug use. We are just taking some time off the band. We will be back next year with a new album."

OBLIVEON bassist Stephane Picard is back in the lead vocalist position since the departure of the bands singer, Bruno Bernier. Stephane did the vocals on the two first albums and has adapted to songs on which Bruno was singing. The band are leaving Hypnotic Records, and new songs are being written in order to shop for something new, with the goal of making another album.

The forthcoming OBITUARY hits set containing the following tracks: ‘Find The Arise’ (demo), ”Til Death’, ‘Internal Bleeding’, ‘Intoxicated’, ‘Slowly We Rot’, ‘Cause Of Death’, ‘Dying’, ‘Chopped In Half’, ‘Turned Inside Out’, ‘Back To One’, ‘The End Complete’, ‘I’m In Pain’, ‘Kill For Me’, ‘Final Thoughts’, ‘Don’t Care’, ‘Threatening Skies’, ‘By The Light’, ‘Back From The Dead’, ‘Buried Alive* (previously unreleased) and ‘Boiling Point (212* Sporadic Mix)* (previously unreleased)

DARKANE‘s second album, "Insanity", will be out in February 2001. It has been licensed to Nuclear Blast and Century Media for the U.S. market.

BORKNAGAR have a new permanent vocalist, Vintersorg. Fans of the band VINTERSORG should not worry, as this will not interfere, stop or cripple this band in any way. Borknagar are working on material for an upcoming album and plan to do some live shows.

DORNENREICH have finished their forthcoming album, "Her Von Welken Nachten", scheduled for release in February.

BLAZING ETERNITY bassist Magnus ‘Darkenfald’ Ringling has left the band. He’s been replaced by Anders I. Kristiansen.

BETHLEHEM are planning to release the songs from the 7" "Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank" on CD. Previously onedy available on limited collector’s vinyl, the set will be available in 2001.

NAERVAER‘s debut album, "Skiftninger", will be out in the beginning of 2001.

MALEVOLENT CREATION will tour in support of their new album, "Envenomed". The tour will begin in Europe in February with support from IN AETERNUM, HATE PLOW and ROTTEN SOUND. A gig on February 6th in Newport, England kicks things off.

…AND OCEANS have inked a deal with Century Media after releasing two albums for Seasons Of Mist. The bands third album, A.M.G.O.D. will be released on February 19th.

SIRIUS have finished recording their new album, "Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius", in Norway at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. The band have also recorded a cover of EMPEROR’s ‘The Majesty Of The Nightsky’ as a bonus track.

With the demise of IN THE WOODS… by the end of the year, along comes the reformation of GREEN CARNATION. The band consists of members of In The Woods…, DRAWN, TRISTANIA and TCHORT, who was the bassist on EMPEROR’s In The Nightside Eclipse. Green Carnation’s debut album is called Journey To The End Of The Night.

NECROPHAGIA‘s video for ‘And You Will Live In Terror’ will be released on the DVD version of the Lucio Fulci classic The Beyond. The band have started filming a new video, this time for ‘They Dwell Beneath’. Directed by Jim Van Bebber, the video will be on the DVD version of Through Eyes Of The Dead. The DVD will also include more in depth interviews with Lucio Fulci’s daughter Antonella, as well as a gallery of still photos from the video and new band photos. The DVD is expected to be released in the winter of 2001.

MADDER MORTEM have returned to Century Media for the release of their next album, "All Flesh Is Grass", due out on February 19th.

Candlelight Records have signed Norway’s ZYKLON. The band features EMPEROR founding member Samoth and drummer Trym, as well as Destructhor from MYRKSKOG. Zyklon have finished recording their debut album, World Ov Worms, to be released early in 2001.

KULT OV AZAZEL have just finished recording their debut album, "Triumph Of Fire". Recorded at Studio 13, the album is produced by Jeremy Staska (MALEVOLENT CREATION/HATE PLOW). The tracklisting: ‘Le Messe Noir’, ‘Triumph Of Fire’, ‘Destruction To The Throne Of God’, ‘My Misanthropy’, ‘To The Cold Beyond’, ‘In The Plagued Realm’, ‘Legions Unedeashed’, ‘Altar Of Satan’, ‘Aether Cries’, ‘Embrace The Burning’ and ‘Crown Of Fire’.

NAGLFAR have finished recording new songs at Ballerina Studio. The tracks, ‘Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft’, ‘Emerging From Her Weeping’ and ‘Dawn Of Eternity’ are a pre-curser for a full length album. The bands guitarist, Mad Morgan has left the band to concentrate on other aspects of life, and has been replaced by Vargher from BEWITCHED.

DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE, the project that features members of MARDUK have released their album, "The Howling".

NOCTURNUS‘ classic albums, "The Key" and "Thresholds", have been re-issued through Earache.

RITUAL CARNAGE, just off their first tour of Japan, have fired guitarist Hide Tanaka, who has re-joined his former band, TYRANT. He has been replaced by brothers, Wataru and Masami Yamada.

According to knac.com SLAYER are rumored to have approached producer Matt Hyde (MONSTER MAGNET) to helm their upcoming new album. The band plan on entering the recording with an eye on a summer release through their longtime label, American.

"We had planned to do some touring in the States, but I don’t know… that sucks!" So says guitarist / mastermind for CHILDREN OF BODOM, Alexi Laiho, on the news of the recent Nuclear Blast dissolution. "I don’t like sitting at home, that makes me depressed. Touring and playing music is all I want to do. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and if I can do it for a living, that’s perfect for me." Although the guitarist has reined himself in, slightly, forgoing the hired gun status with IMPALED NAZARENE. "I just had a meeting with the guys and we decided I won’t be playing with them anymore, because I don’t have the time." The next few months will be spent on the road, which pleases Laiho to no end. "We’re going to start doing gigs in Finedand after Christmas and a full European tour in February, then Japan, in April." North American dates were penciled in after the lucrative Summer 2001 festivals. Asked about the lack of neo-classical keyboards on Follow The Reaper, a hallmark of the initial two Children Of Bodom records, Laiho explained, "There didn’t happen to be any of that style stuff in my mind when I wrote the music. Right now, the hero / sword metal is really huge in Europe. Everyone is using the classical thing and wants to sound like Yngwie Malmsteen. I don’t want people to consider Children Of Bodom one of those bands that do what million of bands have done before. We still have SOME of that stuff left, whenever we feel like it." Follow The Reaper, with a bonus version of WASP’s ‘Hellion,’ is scheduled to be released early in February.