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January 31, 2001

DISMEMBER have left Nuclear Blast and found a new home in Hammerheart Records. The next album is supposed to be released later this year.

January 29, 2001

In April Belgian Painkiller Records will release a CENTINEX / NUNSLAUGHTER split picture 7"EP entitled "Hail Germania" . This EP will be dedicated to the german metal scene, featuring two cover tracks; CENTINEX – "Enchanted Land" (originally by SODOM) and NUNSLAUGHTER – "Preacher" (originally by RUNNING WILD). It’ll be limited to 1000 copies.

In June Repulse Records will re-release CENTINEX‘s "Malleus Maleficarum" CD. Totally re-edited with new supreme artwork, photos etc. The album will include at least four bonus tracks!

SINISTER will release their new album "Creative Killings" in autumn 2001.

Norway’s new extreme Metal sensation, ZYKLON unleash World Ov Worms in early February. Consisting of Zamoth and Trym of Emperor, Destructhor of Myrkskog, and Daemon of Limbonic Art (who is now an official member, handling the vocals), Zyklon create a vicious mix of high quality death and black metals. As Zamoth explains, "It started with an idea around ’98 to do another band, with a bit more of an aggressive attitude. Me and Trym had been jamming some material. Back then we were not sure if it was going to be a proper band, but in the end we had some rough material. And then we brought in Destructhor from Myrkskog and he joined the band earlier this year. Since he’s joined we have become a stronger unit and decided to go forth with it." "Well in a way it is a continuation," Zamoth replies when asked if this has any relation to do with Zyklon-B. "But I’ve stressed the fact that it’s not the same band. It’s not a reformation of Zyklon B. The name bears a resemblance as does the music and the concept, so it’s not something totally different. But it’s not the same band. I feel that the album we’re doing now, the World Ov Worms, is our debut album; it’s not our second release. But we have had a lot of questions about this: is this Zyklon B?, and I think a lot of people will make fuss about and it’s understandable because of the similarities in the name. But I mean the name Zyklon is a very cool name; it looks good, it sounds good and it’s quite original, and for us it represents a massive destructive force." And then of course there’s the speculation concerning Emperor (with Emperor not touring for the upcoming new masterpiece), but Zamoth assures that there will be no conflicts whatsoever. "There’s a lot of speculating around this and I understand. But the thing with us is that with Emperor we do one thing and Ihsahn is a very creative person and he feels he needs to have outlets for different musical ideas in different things and I am the same with Zyklon. So we just keep Emperor as one thing and we do things on the side, and now we decided for the new Emperor album we won’t be an active touring band. But maybe in the future we will play live again, who knows?"

OPETH are set to release their phenomenal new volume, "Blackwater Park", on March 13th in North America. While treading new waters, rest assured that Blackwater Park is another worthy gem that fits like a glove alongside the rest of the band’s illustrious back catalogue. The tracklisting is as follows: ‘The Leper Affinity’, ‘Bleak’, ‘Harvest’, ‘The Drapery Falls’, ‘Dirge For November’, ‘The Funeral Portrait’, ‘Patterns In The Ivy’ and ‘Blackwater Park’. Blackwater Park also marks the longest Opeth record to date, the first time they have worked with an actual producer (Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree) since Dan Swano, but Mikael Akerfeldt is confident as ever. "It’s not a shock for the listener. It’s still going to be an Opeth record in every sense. We introduce minor differences with each record we do; we just focus on having quality songs. As long you have quality songs it doesn’t matter if you do like ten that are the same if you know what I mean. I don’t feel any urge to change drastically in style because our music is so wide anyway because you can fit everything in one song. We just want to make exciting music. We just record the material that’s written. Then we can think afterwards if it’s a worthy Opeth album. We have some new ideas, especially with the production. We’ve used guitar sounds and vocal sounds that we’ve never used before and it’s kind of disguised and stripped down. For the listener it can seem like it’s really primal. I know what I like in music, but as a listener I don’t listen to it until we get the finished mastered CD. So I’ve been listening to it constantly since we got back home from the studio. I played it to my friends and the reactions have been great and I just feel more confident than ever that this is a worthy Opeth record. Right now it’s my favourite and that’s a good feeling."

A lawsuit alleging SLAYER‘s music caused a trio of the band’s fans to murder a 15-year-old girl was dismissed by a California court on January 23rd. The girl’s family has 60 days to submit a new complaint. Slayer’s attorney maintains, "There’s not a legal position that could be taken that would make the band responsible." As for their new album, the band began recording on January 22nd with producer Matt Hyde. According to Kerry King, there’s no title yet but 15 songs are ready, and the release date is projected for the end of May. In related news, the band have also recorded a track, ‘War Zone’, for an upcoming WWF compilation.

BENEDICTION have released their new album, "Organized Chaos".

NASUM are set to tour Scandinavia with THE HAUNTED and NILE. The tour kicks off on March 5th in Sandviken, Sweden and wraps up on March 18th in Oslo, Norway. A full list of dates is available at www.nasum.com Nasum will also perform at this years Wacken Open Air this Summer

REBAELLIUN have finished the writing process for their new album, Annihilation. Recording will commence at Stage One Studio in February. The album will have eight new tracks and a re-recording of ‘Bringer Of War’. A limited edition CD and vinyl will also include a bonus track

VADER‘s next studio album won’t be in the works before 2002, but the band will be busy promoting Reign Forever World for the next 12 months. Before the Polish tour kicks off in March, the band will play a series of dates in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. This warm-up will begin on March 1st in Ostrava and fold up on March 9th in Halle, Germany. During these dates Vader will be supported by VIU DRAKH, CRUSHER and KRABATHOR. Fans can expect a new stage design and new sets comprising new and old tracks, the latter including some never played live. Each set will be also extended with BLACK SABBATH, SLAYER and CELTIC FROST covers. On the Polish tour support comes from DECAPITATED and TRAUMA. On the Scandinavian leg support comes from VOMITORY. April 12th marks the beginning of another edition of the prestigious No Mercy Festival featuring VADER, MARDUK, MORTICIAN, AMON AMARTH, SINISTER, GOD DETHRONED, SOILWORK, MYSTIC CIRCLE and many others (for further details check out our tourdates section). This time the tour will comprise 13 big festivals, including the Tilburg and Antwerp events where the bands will be joined by NAPALM DEATH, HYPOCRISY, BENEDICTION, GEHENNA, and VOMITORY. The whole tour is organised by Metallysee Agency. VADER will then do a 30 date U.S. club tour with DECAPITATED.

DARK FUNERAL have entered Abyss Studios to record their third full length album, Diabolis Interium, for No Fashion. Peter Tagtgren will produce the album, planned for a European release in late May. The band are currently in negotiations to decide the label for the U.S. release.

WOLFEN SOCIETY will re-record their forthcoming EP, "Conquer Divine", in early March. This time, Tommy Tagtgren will engineer the project. The band apologize for the delay releasing the project.

IN THE WOODS‘ played their final concert in Kristiansand recently. They performed all the highlights of their albums and surprised the listners with three new songs, the standout track being ‘I Don’t Care’.

DORNENREICH have finished their new album, Her Von Welken N’chten, set to be released in late February.

BLAZING ETERNITY’s Magnus ‘Darkenfald’ Ringling has left the band. Anders I. Kristiansen is the new bass players. The band’s next album may be released this year.

BLOOD RED THRONE have signed to The Plague. The band will begin recording at Dub Studio in Norway in April.

NAERVAER‘s debut album, "Skiftninger" will be released on February 19th through Ember.

BETHLEHEM will begin recording their new album, "Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt", in March.

IN AETERNUM and ROTTEN SOUND, with support from MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW, will tour Europe this Spring. The dates begin on February 6th in Newport, England and wrap up on February 26th in Chile.

In the next few weeks several tracks from ANCIENT CEREMONY‘s "Synagoga Diabolica" album will appear on compilations in the US, Australia, Asia and East Europe. In late May the band will embark on short underground tour, making stops in Berlin and the Czech Republic. They are also working on material for their next album, The Third Testament, to be released in the Fall. Also, the band will cover the track ‘Hunger Of The Undead’ for a forthcoming DARK ANGEL tribute.

Germany’s MYSTIC CIRCLE will release their new album, "The Great Beast", on March 26th. Check out the band’s website at www.mystic-circle.de

PESSIMIST have inked a deal with Lost Disciple Records to release their third CD, tentatively titled "The Greater Of Two Evils".

SATHANAS are set to release a new MCD, "Cruentus Diabolos", through Pulverized Records.

DECAPITATED are still working on a U.S. tour. The tentative date has been set for July 2001. Digger International and Earache America confirm that the band will open for VADER and two other bands, so everything depends now on the Immigration Office and the American Embassy in Poland.

Brazil’s NEPHASTH have signed for two albums with Mighty Music. The debut album, Immortal Unholy Triumph, is scheduled for a May release.

SOULGRIND will release their new CD, Elixir Mystica, on February 19th through Holy Records.

DARKSIDE have inked a deal with Season of Mist. Their fourth album, Cognitive Dissonance, is set to be released this Fall.

DESTRÖYER 666 will be on tour in Europe with IMMOLATION, DERANGED and DECAPITATED (for the exact dates check out our tourdates section). The jaunt begins at The Underworld in London on May 1st and wraps up on May 20th at the Remise in Will, CH.

ATROX vocalist Monika, and guitarist Eivind were forced to return to Norway during the recording of their new album in Finland. Both suffered throat infections that needed to be treated in the hospital. The albums release will now be delayed by two or three months.

YATTERING will record their next album in March at Red Studio in Poland. It will be produced by VADER’s Piotr Lukaszewski and is set to be released through Season Of Mist in Europe, and Relapse in the U.S. in September.

…AND OCEANS are preparing for a tour with MARDUK, MYSTIC CIRCLE and others.

January 25, 2001

SEVERE TORTURE just finished their European tour successfully. There is a limited 7"EP available, called "Lambs Of A God". This EP contains two unreleased tracks recorded during their "Feasting On Blood" recording session. It is strictly limited to 500 copies. An American tour is planned for April. www.severetorture.com

MANGLED‘s second long-player will be out 26-03-2001 titled, "Most Painful Ways".Very heavy Death Metal from the Netherlands. MANGLED will do a couple of shows in March with Vomitory. Check out our tourdates section for details. There are also a few gigs planned with Rebaelliun & Severe Torture. Dates will follow soon. listen.to/mangled

THRONEAEON recorded their debut album, "Neither Of Gods" in Studio Underground, Sweden. Eleven tracks of catchy head-banging Death Metal the Scandinavian way. Their Mini CD "With Sardonic Wrath" is available again (see reviews). listen.to/throneaeon

BLOOD RED THRONE is on THE PLAGUE now. This is the Death Metal band from Tchort (ex-Emperor, Satyricon). The recording will start in April in DUB Studio, Norway. Mixing and mastering will probably happen at Morrisound Recordings, Florida. www.bloodredthrone.com

"Subterraneal Magnitude", the new album from DIABOLIC is planned for April. Cover artwork by Joe Petagno. Produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angel’s sound man). www.diabolicblastmasters.com

"Raped In Their Own Blood" & "Redemption", the first two albums from VOMITORY will be available on limited gatefold LP in March. www.vomitory.net

LOWBROW will tour Europe in May, together with Ancient Rites and another band. The dates will follow soon! These 3 bands will most likely play Dynamo Open Air as last show on this tour!

January 22, 2001

NECROPHOBIC have just updated their website "The Darksite of Necrophobic". Now you can check out a bigger voting section, a forum etc. Go to: www.necrophobic.net

January 21, 2001

DIABOLICUM are currently putting the finishing touches on their second album, The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation), due out in March on code666. The album will include a CDROM track including the video for the song ‘Bloodspawn’. Special guests in the studio during the recording of the album included: Jon Nodtveidt (DISSECTION), Dirge Rep (ENSLAVED), Martin (PUNGENT) and Wrath (SETHERIAL). The tracklisting: ‘The March Of The Misanthrope’, ‘Heavens Die’, ‘Transmissions To The Planet Of Death’, ‘Bloodspawn’, ‘The War Tide (All Out Genocide), ‘The Hatecrowned Retaliation’, ‘The Dark Blood Rising’, ‘The Pitch Black’, ‘The Song Of Suffering’, ‘Into The Dementia’ and ‘The Nemesis Speaks’. The album was recorded in the Abyss Studios with Peter Tägtgren.

DYING FETUS wish to announce the permanent departure of bassist and second vocalist Jason Netherton. Jason left the band following the last date in Europe on the recent MORBID ANGEL tour. The departure came as a result of numerous personal reasons, and was on good terms as Jason wishes the band all the best. Dying Fetus will continue on, at this time as a 5-piece with replacements who have been lined up for the current tour with ALL OUT WAR and DIECAST. Currently on bass is Derek Boyer (DEPRECATED) and vocals are being tackled by Vince Matthews (MUCOUS MEMBRANE, AUTUMN DAWN).

Russia’s RAKOTH have completed their second album, Jabberworks, soon to be released on digipak CD through code666. A real orchestra touch was added to the recording courtesy of the Russian Grotesque Live Orchestra from Moscow. Rakoth also recoded the track ‘L’ Honglath/Facing The Calm’, to be included on the forthcoming code 666 compilation, Better Undead Than Alive.

MORTICIAN release their new album, Domain Of Death, on April 17th. The band will soon record a live album, The Final Bloodbath Session, to be released on Primitive Recordings. This will be the first Mortician release to feature a live drummer. The band will tour in Europe with MARDUK, VADER and others as part of the No Mercy Festival. Dates will be announced soon.

BLOODSHED have inked a deal with code666. The band’s Skullcrusher EP will be released in April.

AGHORA are working on their next album, scheduled to be recorded later this year.

Osmose Productions has signed MELECHESH. The band recently enlisted drummer Proscriptor McGovern (ABSU). Their forthcoming album, Djinn, will be released soon.

This following newsletter currently gets spreaded around by EQUINOX member Darkness regarding their split up with KAM LEE in the KAULDRON project… As we found it pretty amusing we wanted to share it with you: "I really didn’t want to start a war between Kam Lee and EQUINOX, but the bastard can’t keep his big fucking mouth shut (nothing new about that). It seems that our LORD & MASTER KAM LEE, chooses to take credit for everything that went on with the KAULDRON project, which is just NOT TRUE!!! This guy’s "effort" is laughable at best!!! During the last MONTHS of rehearsals, 3 times a week, the Savior of metal KAM LEE only made it to ONE PRACTICE… Oh yeah… he doesn’t even OWN a CAR… I guess that I should have driven an extra half-hour out of my way to pick up his HIGHNESS KAM LEE, when I already drive 45 minutes ONE direction… You would think that KAM would have AT LEAST help pay the rent on our practice facility at least ONCE?! Not KAM!!! The latest Playstation game was way more important than the band!!! Contrary to KAM LEE’s beliefs, EQUINOX DECIDED NOT TO WORK WITH KAM… It seems that the ONLY way KAM would be happy is if the following would transpire… Title of the band: KAM LEE – Title of the record: KAM LEE – All songs written and performed by: KAM LEE, All recording & mixing: KAM LEE… Okay, I’m sure you get the point… EQUINOX made every effort to ensure that KAULDRON would become a success, but KAM’s precious ego would be bruised every time we opened our mouth and voiced our opinions. EQUINOX are NOT Kam’s little followers and decided not to work with him once his ego began to take over the band since it was EQUINOX putting forth ALL THE EFFORT in KAULDRON. A message to KAM: If you have anything to fucking say about EQUINOX, then why don’t you step the fuck up and SAY IT TO MY FACE YOU PUSSY!!? You weren’t man enough to do it when we were working together, and I know that you don’t have the balls to do it now! Good luck in your projects, however I seriously doubt that any self-respecting musician would be stupid enough to hang around and let you ruin another great idea. THANKS FOR NOTHING ASSHOLE!!! THY WILL BE DONE…" Darkness Contact: EquinoxMetal@cs.com www.geocities.com/darkness_of_equinox

And here’s KAM LEE‘s latest (edited) statement, for those who care… "The scene fucking sucks! I have no band, and to tell you the truth I am just fucking fed up with the whole fucked up thing! I’ve given this some thought… and really I just can’t do this shit anymore… I am in my 30’s now, and just too fucking sick and tired of the bullshit that this scene has become! I’ve been spear heading my comeback for the past two years now, and it feels like a losing battle! Everyone wants to forget what it was really like in the beginning, when a person’s integredy counted… when those of us who made this scene what it is today really got respect, but now – "no one cares!" The scene has changed, and to tell you the truth I fucking hate it… it blows! There are still some ‘great people’ out there in the shit giving it their all… and I hold "high" respect for them. I can only hope that in time the scene will return to those who have really bled and sheded for it! yet now it is corrupted… like a corpse gone to rot! Decayed and infested with "maggots"… and those so called maggots are the faggot corperate asswipes and the poser dick sucking "oh – so spooky" corpse painted idiots that have turned this once "proud" underground scene into a joke! And you know what…"no one cares!" Yeah… this is what was said to me that made me realize I am wasting my time with this… "No one cares!" Now, I still have plans and an obligation to record a record for Necropolis Records, and I do plan on going thru with that! I will still do the ‘Kauldron’ record with Jim Durkin, and still plan on doing ‘Cadaverizer’ with Matt, Wes and Cole… I will still correspound with the "real friends" and "cool" people that I have met over the net, and will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I also have plans on releasing a 2nd cd demo from "Phlegethon" for those of you that give a shit… but that will much later!" Kam Lee Contact: panzer58@hotmail.com

TESTAMENT will be re-recording some of its earlier and heaviest material from their debut records, The Legacy and The New Order. This is currently taking place at their own Driftwood recording studio. Mixing will be done with Andy Sneap. Tracks include: ‘First Strike Is Deadly’, ‘Into The Pit’, ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’, ‘The Haunting’ and ‘Over The Wall’. Guitarist Eric Peterson says the sessions are "gonna sound CRUSHING." That project is scheduled to be released in limited edition before the new studio album. Alex Skolnick will be part of this recording as well, but only for the older recordings. Says singer Chuck Billy, "We thought we would ask Alex if he would like to do this for the fans, and he was totally into it! Plus I think the true fans would dig Alex playing his original parts, since his leads are so awesome on that stuff." Testament are also currently working on their ninth studio album, with plans for a release this Summer.

In related news, DRAGONLORD will also start recording this Winter and will mix in Sweden with Daniel Bergstrand. Daniel is known for mixing and producing such bands as: MESHUGGAH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, STUCK MOJO, DARKANE and more. Some titles for the album will include: ‘Spirits In The Mist’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Wolfhunt’, ‘Egraine’ and ‘Tradition And Fire’. Dragonlord’s line-up includes: Eric Peterson (riffs/vocals), Jon Allen (SADUS – drums), Lyle Livingston (PSYPHERIA – keyboards), Steve Smyth (TESTAMENT – guitars) and Steve DiGiorgio (DEATH – bass). Peterson says that "The music is totally different from Testament. It’s way more gothic, classically influenced melodic music, with strings, a choir, harpsichords and lots of screaming and hair pulling. The sound is kinda DIMMU BORGIR crossed with EMPEROR. The disc is produced by Peter Tägtren.

January 20, 2001

INCANTATION have signed a new deal with Necropolis Records. The band has released the following statement regarding this worldwide agreement: "INCANTATION is prepared to begin work with Necropolis Records. We are anxious about working with a label that has its foundation built on blasphemous music. Death Metal with antichristian beliefs isn’t understood by most record company types, it takes real fans of the music to do the right job. We anticipate our debut album with our new brothers of METAL!!" "We’re very glad to welcome INCANTATION to the Necropolis horde," adds Necropolis Records founder/CEO Paul Thind. "We feel the band is not only one of the most important US Death Metal bands who has helped shape the scene as we know it, but will be one of the bands to continue to lead the genre in the 21st century." "We are honored to work with (band founder) John McEntee, a person who has had a profound impact on the US Death Metal scene in the last 10 years through a string of classic albums and an endless number of devastating live performances," continues Thind. "His dedication and persistence is admired by many, especially the staff at Necropolis, and he is definitely a seminal part of what’s going on in Death Metal today." "The band will also have an opportunity to feel comfortable amongst our roster, which is home to several bands that are in the vein of darker and more traditional death metal; artists like Sadistic Intent, Usurper, and others who share the same kinds of ideologies. Prepare for the ultimate assault of blasphemous Death Metal later this year…" INCANTATION will release their Necropolis Records debut in late summer/early fall 2001 Incantation is also preparing to embark on the World of Darkness North American tour with their metal brothers in Immolation and Goatwhore. Visit the Incantation website at www.incantation.com for all tour updates. Incantation is also working on a European tour along with some Brazilian dates as well. So Look out for that.

January 19, 2001

CRUACHAN has entered the studio to record songs for a MCD (called "Ride on") and their full length album (called "Folk-Lore"). Shawn McGowan (of The Pogues) will take part on the album.

SATARIEL signed a deal with Hammerheart. Musically the band is supposed to sound as follows: "…it’s still Metal, even with Death Metal influences, but with clean vocals and with some very progressive elements…"

REBAELLIUN has finished their writing-process and the new album "Annihilation" will be recorded at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen in February 2001.

EM SINFONIA is a band by Brian Griffin (Broken Hope’s songwriter and studio-owner) that did an EP in 1999 already on Martyr Music Group. The album will be released in Europe on Hammerheart Records and it is titled "Intimate Portrait", very progressive atmospheric Death/Doom with different vocal-styles and keyboards.

SKYFIRE has finally finished their debut album at Abyss Studio called "Timeless Departure". According to label infos it is like Dark Tranquility meets Rhapsody meets Children of Bodom.

From May 16th up until Dynamo Open Air DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will tour once more across Europe with assistance of LOWBROW and ANCIENT RITES. The dates will be published soon.

SUNSETH SPHERE is another new addition to the Hammerheart roster, musically to be put in the category of The Gathering and Within Temptation, but once again different.

AETERNUS will mix their new album "Ascention of Terror" in February. Meanwhile long-time member Morrigan left the band and the bass is now handled by Orjan of Helheim.

AURA NOIR seems to continue in a new line-up, featuring Apollyon on bass/vocals, Aggressor and Blasphemer on guitars and Dirge Rep (of Enslaved) on drums.

January 18, 2001

ENSLAVED press release concerning Norwegian Grammy Awards Nomination: "We know, we know. Bands like us are supposed to be all unaffected by these things… However, the Norwegian Grammy Awards has been a pioneer in treating extreme metal seriously over the last few years. The whole thing started out with the Dimmu thing a few years back (they did a song live with some half-naked chicks and blew fire half way through the awards). The last three years there has been nothing but Death / Black / Extreme metal nominated in the Hard Rock category. So I guess it is only a natural thing; that the extreme metal bands have their "own" Grammy’s in the homeland of extreme / black metal. To be honest, at this point we have not heard any of the other two nominees (Ram-Zet and Sensa Anima), but you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we ought to win. Hehe! You never know about these things, however. Covenant won two years in a row, which tells us that there might be very disturbed people in the jury. Joke. To conclude in a more or less serious manner. We’re happy to have received this nomination, and if there are no vital dysfunctions amongst the jurors, we will win. And we’ll give the actual bronze harp statue to Garage Rock Pub, so that they can use it as a door handle. And they will give us cheap bear eternally. So there can come something good out of such a nomination, you see. It can be very metal, if you just look at it the right way! As with everything else in life! We thank chaos, miss Fortuna, quantum physics, Vulcan logic and a drop of our own talent for this nomination -Ivar Bjørnson on behalf of the ENSLAVED collective

January 17, 2001

Usually we wouldn’t feature any METALLICA related news, but this was so fresh and spectacular (well, in a way…) that we simply had to share it with you straight away: STATEMENT FROM THE MEMBERS OF METALLICA – Metallica regrets to announce that after 14 years as Metallica’s bass player, Jason Newsted has chosen to leave the band. Jason Newsted: "Due to private and personal reasons, and the physical damage that I have done to myself over the years while playing the music that I love, I must step away from the band. This is the most difficult decision of my life, made in the best interest of my family, myself, and the continued growth of Metallica. I extend my love, thanks, and best wishes to my brothers: James, Lars, and Kirk and the rest of the Metallica family, friends, and fans whom have made these years so unforgettable." Newsted joined Metallica from Flotsam And Jetsam in the fall of 1986 after the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton. He participated in the recording of 6 Metallica albums (…And Justice For All, Metallica, Load, Re-Load, Garage Inc., and S&M) which have sold over 55 million copies world-wide to date. In addition, he played on numerous world-wide tours to millions of fans representing over 1000 gigs in all. While with Metallica, the band won countless awards including 5 Grammy Awards and 2 MTV Video Music Awards. James Hetfield: "Playing with someone who has such unbridled passion for music will forever be a huge inspiration. On stage every night, he was a driving force to us all, fans and band alike. His connection will never be broken." Lars Ulrich: "We part ways with Jason with more love, more mutual respect, and more understanding of each other than at any other point in the past. James, Kirk and I look forward to embracing the next chapter of Metallica with both a huge amount of appreciation for the last 14 years with Jason and the excitement of rising to the challenges that lay ahead to make Metallica shine brighter than ever." In the spring, Metallica will begin writing and recording a new studio album with release sometime in late 2001 or early 2002. Kirk Hammett: "Jason is our brother. He will be missed."

ANASARCA‘s second album, "Moribund" will finally be released in January/February.

Swedish SOLAR DAWN will release a MCD, entitled "Frost-Work", in January/February. In February the band enters The Abyss Studio to record the debut album, Equinoctium. Solar Dawn featues members from Unmoored and Jocke Petterson (Dawn, Thy Primordial etc.) will play session drums on the debut album.

The release of ENTER MY SILENCE‘s debutalbum, "Remotecontrolled Scythe", has been postponed to March. The band is said to appeal directly to fans of modern melodic (death) metal. Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquility is responsible for the coverartwork.

Maltas Death/Grinder BEHEADED released a new MCD entitled Resurgence Of Oblivion in November 2000. The band is focusing on extremely brutal, groovy and violent death/grind in the US vein. The forthcoming second full lengh album will be recorded during the summer and is to be released by Mighty Music in November.

PANZERCHRIST‘s new album Soul Collector (one of the best selling titles on Mighty Music ever) was never officially released in Germany due to the fact that the distributor found the album to be too right-wing oriented. Once again the band and Mighty Music would like to underline that Panzerchrist is NOT a right-wing oriented band!!!

The well established US Death Metal band FLESHTIZED will release their new album Here Among Thorns in May. According to their label Mighty Music you can expect "tight, in-your-face grinding death metal that leaves nothing behind for Morbid Angel and Immolation!" The album will include a superb cover of Morbid Angel’s Rapure. Jacob Hansen (Illdisposed, Without Grief, Autumn Leaves etc.) will be responsible for the mix.

American Thrash veterans CRONIC DISORDER will release their second album Torture Test through Mighty Music in May. The band is playing heavy, aggressive thrash/death in the vein of new Testament and Incubus/Opprobrium!

Latest signing to Mighty Music is Brazilian NEPHASTH. This band is managed by Massive Mangement (Vader, Dies Irae, Decapitated etc.) and their debut album Immortal Unholy Triumph is planned to be released in May. Nephasth are playing ultra tight death metal and might be the next big thing from Brazil.

GUIDANCE OF SIN and Mighty Music have decided to part way with eachother. Guidance Of Sin is currently looking for a new deal.

Danish Death Metal legends INIQUITY will enter the Aabenraa Studio together with Jacob Hansen during summer to record their long awaited third full length album. The new album is expected to be faster, dirtier and more brutal.

SACRIFICIAL from Denmark is planning to enter the Berno Studio (The Haunted, Vomitory, Deranged etc.) in the end of 2001. According to the band the new style is less complex, more simple, catchy – and in your face, but still thrashing deathrash.

Danish Death/Industrial outfit PARKINSON is still preparing their forthcoming debut album Lebensraum.

Danish CORPSE VOMIT is still concentrading on drinking and smoking dope… a reeking split-7"ep is planned for 2001.

January 16, 2001

RAVENTHRONE‘s new full length "Endless Conflict Theorem" will be available mid 2001. To contact the band please make sure to use the following (NEW!) e-mail address: pazuzu@home.com (mails regarding PAZUZU can of course be send to that address as well).

January 15, 2001

Italy’s epic Black Metal band STORMLORD has signed a new deal with Scarlet Records! After leaving their previous label Last Episode, the band will return with a 7 track mini cd entitled ‘The Curse Of Medusa’. It will contain 2 songs that will also appear on the next full length album, 2 exclusive songs, a cover-version of the Death SS-classic ‘Baphomet’ (remixed and with new vocals, bass and keyboard parts), and two live songs (one of them will be the cover of ‘Creeping Death’) recorded during the last Stormlord gig in Rome on 14 December 99. The mcd will be out in April.

Also signed to Scarlet Records is the Danish newcomer HATESPHERE. The band plays a Scandinavian hard-edged style of Death Metal (THE HAUNTED & ENTOMBED) with incorporated 80s Bay-Area thrash metal influences. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Jacob Hansen and will be released in April 2001 with a simultaneous release also in Japan through Soundholic / Tokuma.

IMPIETY are signed to Osmose now.

ENSLAVED are nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards.

Pavement Music are re-issuing some of their best selling titles. The Classic Series titles will be remixed, remastered and enhanced for your computer. The CD’s will include pictures, bio information, lyrics, videos (if available) and more. Up first in the series are: MALEVOLENT CREATION – Eternal, FORBIDDEN – Green, JUNGLE ROT – Slaughter The Weak, SOLITUDE AETURNUS – Through The Darkest Hour and INTERNAL BLEEDING – Voracious Contempt.

Pavement will release OPPRESSOR‘s classic "Solstice Of Oppression" on February 13th. The album has been out of print for many years now and was originally released on Red Light Records. This version includes updated artwork, remastered music and never released bonus tracks.

CHILDREN OF BODOM‘s new album, "Follow The Reaper", has been embraced by the Metal masses as the band’s best work to date. Their unique fusion of speed and death/black metal elements caused a buzz with their 1998 debut Something Wild, that buzz having since become a roar of approval by many. The way guitarist/singer/songwriter Alexi Laiho tells it, however, Follow The Reaper had the potential to be a huge flop. "When I started writing the music for this album I was under a lot of pressure," Laiho admits. "A lot of people were asking me, ‘What are you going to do now since you can’t do Hatebreeder Part II? How are you going to beat Hatebreeder?’ That totally fucked me up; I was sitting there thinking ‘What the hell am I supposed to write?’ I eventually ended up writing complete crap: I wasn’t satisfied with it at all. I was thinking about every single riff – ‘Are people going to like this or not?’ – and not about what I wanted to do. I just decided to put everything on the table and not care about what other people are going to like. After that it wasn’t hard to write the music at all." As for the recent trash talking that has been going on, with some people (as seen on our mighty Braveboard at www.bravewords.com) trying to tear down the band for their seemingly widespread appeal, Laiho remains unaffected. "I don’t really pay attention to that sort of shit. It doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re doing, and if we do start paying attention to that it’s just really going to fuck everything up. If people want to talk shit about us, then go ahead. You know, I thought that no one was going to like our stuff when the first album came out because it wouldn’t be black metal enough for the black metal people and vice versa with the speed metal crowd. But, you know, if someone has a problem with it, too fucking bad. That’s their problem."

According to knac.com, TESTAMENT are in the studio working on tracks for a Spring/Summer release, to be produced by Andy Sneap. The band are also planning re-recordings of their first few Megaforce albums. "We’re planning to re-do the best tunes from the early records, only it’ll sound better with current technology and our current lineup, which kicks ass," states Eric Peterson. "It’s just gonna sound CRUSHING." That project is scheduled to be released in limited edition before the new studio album. Peterson’s first solo project, DRAGONLORD, is also nearing completion. "The ironic thing is, almost all the guys I recorded this disc with ended up in Testament! The music is totally different from Testament. It’s way more gothic, classically influenced melodic music, with strings, a choir, harpsichords and lots of screaming and hair pulling. The sound is kinda DIMMU BORGIR crossed with EMPEROR. Dragonlord features keyboardist Lyle Livingston (PSYPHERIA), drummer John Allen (ex-SADUS), bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-DEATH/ICED EARTH) and guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-VICIOUS RUMORS. The disc is produced by Peter Tägtren.

DEATH are set to release "Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go" on Nuclear Blast. The album features the best tracks of every Death era in powerful live performances. More details as they become available.

CRADLE OF FILTH are planning to donate a track to the forthcoming TWISTED SISTER Tribute.

BORKNAGAR‘s Quintessence is nominated for the Norwegian Alarm Award in the category Best Metal Album. To vote for the band, click on www.alarmweb.org/metal.shtml – one vote is allowed in each category. For everyone who already passed their votes, due to reasons unknown the counter has been reset and all votes were deleted. Please vote again. This award is the official award from alternative music press and radio-stations in Norway.

The CANNIBAL CORPSE, DIMMU BORGIR, THE HAUNTED and LAMB OF GOD tour will start in April and continues through the first week of May.

Prophecy Productions have started a new label, Ember Music. The label will focus on releasing "intense music", and among it’s first releases will be albums from NAERVAER, TENHI and EMPYRIUM.

EMPYRIUM are busy recording a new album, Weiland, to be released on the new Ember Music label. The album is described as being "dark, very atmospheric and challenging".

BLAZING ETERNITY‘s bassist, Magnus "Darkenfald" Ringling has left the band. Anders I. Kristiansen is the new bass player. The bands new album will be recorded later in 2001.

BETHLEHEM will begin recording their next album, Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt, in March. The album will be produced by Markus Stock.

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN has been picked up by Necropolis’ Deathvomit Records. Look for a new release from the band this Spring.

AMICUSS is a band formed by Killjoy of NECROPHAGIA and Casey Kaos of AMEN. They are on the verge of signing with Virgin Records and plan on working with Ross Robinson for their debut full length.

WOLFEN SOCIETY, the new project featuring members of ACHERON, DARK FUNERAL, INCANTATION and THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, have been forced to delay the release of their forthcoming MCD, Conquer Divine. It seems that someone at Thorn/Apple Studios recorded over the title song on the bands DAT tape. They now have to go back into the studio to re-record the track. The band apologize for the delay and say they will get the disc out as soon as possible.

ABLAZE MY SORROW vocalist Martin Qvist is out of the band, again. His replacement is singer Kristian Lönnsjö (ex-DEIFICATION). The band have composed eight new songs. Some titles: ‘Erase/Relieved’, ‘Ad Libitum’, ‘Slit Wide Open’ and ‘Suicidal’.

DARK FUNERAL are busy writing songs for their third album. They are scheduled to enter the Abyss Studio with Peter Tagtgren on January 24th, with the recording expected to take four weeks. The album is scheduled to be released in May, followed by festival gigs during the Summer and a massive headlining tour after that.

LORD BELIAL guitarist Pepa af Vassago has left the band for personal reasons. His replacement is Plague (MASTEMA, B.E.A.S.T.). For more on Pepa’s departure check out the bands website, www.lordbelial.com.

KULT OV AZAZEL, who are currently gearing up for an April tour with MALEVOLENT CREATION and MONSTROSITY, are looking for the 2 weeks worth of dates. Anyone interested please contact the band at KultOvAzazel@aol.com. Double bass and speed is a must. To hear the band, the track ‘My Misanthropy’ can be found at www.mp3.com/KultovAzazel.

January 14, 2001

DEW-SCENTED have a new website. You can check it out at www.dew-scented.de Their old e-mail address dew-scented@geocities.com is no longer in service. They can be reached at info@dew-scented.de from now on. The songwriting for their fourth album is progressing and they have 8 new tracks done. 2-3 more are planned (maybe also another cover track of some of their old Thrash Metal heroes…). The album will be recorded again for Grind Syndicate Media / NBR and produced by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in late May 2001. Even though nothing concrete has been decided on yet, the album title will start with an "i" once again (as usual…).

January 13, 2001

DIM MAK‘s second album, "Intercepting Fist" will be out on Dies Irae Productions. The band has begun recording from the 6th to 20th January 2001. They’ve flown over to Florida for this next effort and it is engineered, produced and mastered by Erik Rutan himself in his very own studio, Dimensional Sound Studios. If everything goes as planned, it should be safe to say that a March / April release is possible. Paw Nielsen will most likely be doing the artwork again this time.

FLY MACHINE, formerly known as the mighty CONFESSOR have inked a deal with Dies Irae Productions. Tentatively, the recording will commence sometime in June 2001. All further info at the following address: Dies Irae Productions, attn: Falmi, P.O. Box 337, Yishun Central Post Office, S(917612), Singapore, Phone/Fax: ++(65) 752 1056, e-mail: falmi@singnet.com.sg / dayofwrath@mailcityasia.com, Website: www.members.tripod.com/rickvasp/Main.html

The following news we just received by Rick Cortez of the mighty SADISTIC INTENT: "The question at the moment for us is obviously "what is going on with the recording?". It is actually a bit of a long story but I will keep it as basic as possible. The truth is we have not been in the studio the whole time. Unfortunately we came across problems with the so called "producer" because of his unprofessionalism, which ultimately circumstanced in putting us at a "legal" halt! At that instance we wanted to post this information on our web site but we were advised not to do so. Regardless, that situation alone took about half a year to resolve, not including the other times we were put on hold throughout the session for different reasons! If you add up all the periods that we have been out of the studio it comes out to nearly a year!! The general concurrence seems to be "I read this magazine and it states the record should be out by" so and so dates. Once again, that can also be attributed to the "producer". The original release date was an honest mistake due to optimism and that is certainly not an issue. It was later on when he informed Necropolis Records including us that it was imperative to conclude the recording due to the fact he had some other "big" project which had to be completed. On account of him being the "producer" he was estimating the time it would take him to finish. Since we were towards the final stages of the recording process his notion of conclusion was not a far fetched one. However when another release date was missed, we notified him not to make any more promises if the deadlines could not be met but he did so anyway. Altogether it occurred a few times consequently resulting in the number of wrong release dates! Nevertheless, the bottom line is we finally got our reels back and now we can move forward once again. We’re very excited about our debut full length and are honored that Necropolis Records will be the ones to release it! Although we are proud of the musical art of "Resurrection" and "Ancient Black Earth", our perception of the work on this record is our strongest thus far! We have managed to incorporate some more growth in our newer material, yet, it still retains the Extreme Metal essence our underground following has come to know us by. We are currently in search of another studio to work with so "The Second Coming" is imminent!! Darkness shall prevail!!!"

January 12, 2001

KAM LEE decided not to work with the guys from EQUINOX anymore and hooked up with ex- DARK ANGEL / DREAMS OF DAMNATION man Jim Durkin for his KAULDRON project instead. Kam commented on this new situation in his latest newsletter as follows: "Jim has already begun writing the material and I have already begun putting the lyrics to that material. A ruff draft version of song #1 was sent to me, and I must say that it is so fucking dark / doomy & heavy!! The current working title for the track is: ‘Exquisite Corpse’ and yes it is all that morbid necrophilia type stuff you know I like to write about!" Furthermore the Death / Gore project CADAVERIZER (with Matt and Cole from EXHUMED) is also in the making. Three songs are completely finished already, three more in the making. And if that’s still not enough for you, feel free to order yourself a copy of the 1998 demo of Kam’s Black / Death / Horror Metal solo project PHLEGETHON for $5 (US) / $6 (rest of the world). Send well hidden cash to the following address: Kam Lee, P.O. Box 521401, Longwood, FL 32752, U.S.A.

January 08, 2001

According to DIMMU BORGIR‘s official website (www.dimmu-borgir.com), the band’s new album, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, is set to be released on March 12th. In no particular order, the following tracks will appear on the album: Intro (possible title – ‘Fear And Wonder’), ‘Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny’, ‘IndoctriNation’, ‘Sympozium’, ‘The Maelstrom Mephisto’, ‘Hybrid Stigmata – The Apostasy’, ‘Puritania’, ‘Perfection Or Vanity’, ‘Kings Of The Carnival Creation’, ‘Absolute Sole Right’ and ‘Architecture Of A Genocidal Nature’. The track ‘Burn In Hell’ (TWISTED SISTER cover), will appear on a limited edition digi-pack and the bonus track ‘Devil’s Path’ featuring Andy la Roque will be included on the Japanese release.

On February 21st Music For Nations will re-issue two CRADLE OF FILTH albums in Japan. Cruelty And The Beast includes three bonus tracks: ‘Black Metal’ (VENOM cover), ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ (IRON MAIDEN cover) and ‘Sodomy And Lust’ (SODOM). Dusk And Her Embrace includes two bonus tracks: ‘Hell Awaits’ and ‘Nocturnal Supremacy ’96’

NASUM, EXHUMED and MORTICIAN have been confirmed for the 2001 bill at the Wacken Open Air Festival

Norway’s DARKTHRONE see their 1993 album, Under A Funeral Moon, re-issued through Peaceville on February 16th.

Necropolis Records has signed Death Metal legends INCANTATION. The band released the following statement regarding this worldwide agreement: "We are anxious about working with a label that has its foundation built on blasphemous music. Death Metal with antichristian beliefs isn’t understood by most record company types, it takes real fans of the music to do the right job. We anticipate our debut album with our new brothers of METAL!!" The band will release their Necropolis Records debut in late summer/early fall 2001 and will be touring the US with IMMOLATION and GOATWHORE in March.

MALEVOLENT CREATION will begin their North American tour this April after returning from Europe. The tour is being handled by First Row Talent booking agency. Interested bands, concert promoters, venues can contact John Finberg at (818) 994-9544 or FirstRowTalent@aol.com This will be Malevolent Creation’s first North American tour in over 2 years. The band is preparing for their invasion on Europe, beginning February 3rd with IN AETERNUM, HATE PLOW and ROTTEN SOUND as support.

IMMOLATION have confirmed a record release show – on Sunday January 14th the band world premier songs off their new release, Close To A World Below, at CBGB’s in New York City. A full national tour will begin in March. Opening the show will be labelmates CATASTROPHIC featuring OBITUARY’s Trevor Peres and LAMB OF GOD. Also on the bill will be SKINLESS, SUMMON, BLOODSTORM, GOREPHOBIA and CEREMONIUM. Tickets are available through www.cbgb.com

Lost Disciple artists AVERSE SEFIRA will release their new album, Battle’s Clarion, in late February or early March. The band have ditched their drum machine and have brought in a real drummer, Mark.

Former HATE ETERNAL drummer Tim Yeung has joined AGIEL. A full length demo is due from the band this Spring.

DYING FETUS, DIECAST and ALL OUT WAR are on the road in the US from January 10 (Albany, NY) until January 23 (Rochester, NY). Dying Fetus bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton has left the band on good terms due to numerous personal reasons. His replacements are bassist Derek Boyer (DEPRECATED) and vocalist Vince Matthews (SADISTIC TORMENT, AUTUMN DAWN).

The Brazilian Assault is the second installment from Relapse’s Global Assault Series, including four violent acts: ABHORRENCE, MENTAL HORROR, OPHIOLATRY and NEPHASTH.

KULT OV AZAZEL have finished recording their debut album titled, Triumph Of Fire, for Arctic Music. The album was recorded at Studio 13, with Jeremy Staska (MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATE PLOW). However the band is still searching for a drummer. Interested persons should email the band at KultOvAzazel@aol.com

Arctic Music is looking for bands to contribute to their DARK ANGEL tribute album. Interested parties contact UAllDie@aol.com or Arctic Music Group, PO Box 23519, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307, USA.

MORTICIAN‘s Domain of Death is due out on April 17th.

plan to tour Europe this year with LIVIDITY. The band are also working on CANNIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION covers for the respective tributes set to be released later this year.

NOCTUARY are busy setting up shows, including a stint in Mexico in the coming weeks.

PANDEMIA, currently on tour in Europe, recently had to replace their drummer due to symtoms concerning his hand joints. The band hope to hit the U.S. for some dates this Spring, and then release a new CD later in the year.

PESSIMIST are preparing to enter the studio to record their third album, which will feature new band members. The band are planning a full scale U.S. tour, a rescheduled Brazilian tour and possibly a European tour for later this year.

IMPALED NAZARENE’s new album, Decade Of Decadence, is out now through Osmose. The set features the extremely rare Shemhamforash demo, the Goat Perversion EP, four unreleased studio tracks and more.

TENEBRE‘s Mark Ov The Beast is out on January 12th through Regain Records.

DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE will release The Howling, a mini album featuring four oringinal songs and four covers, through Regain on January 12th. The band features MARDUK members.

Italy’s ABORYM release Fire Walk With Us on January 26th through Scarlet. The album includes a cover version of a BURZUM track.

ABRUPTUM will release a three track EP, De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet, through Regain on January 12th.

EMBRACED, featuring members of EVERGREY and MISTELEIN, release their album Within on January 12th through Regain.

Full Moon will release DIABOLI’s new album, Anthems Of Sorrow, on January 26th.

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s tour with IN AETERNUM, HATE PLOW and ROTTEN SOUND will now begin on February 3rd at the Hydrogios Club in Thesaloniki, Greece. The tour wraps up on February 26th.

Florida based label Arctic Music are working on a compilation album that will feature unreleased material from MALEVOLENT CREATION, SICKNESS and HATE PLOW. Also set to be featured is music from KULT OF AZAZEL, BURNER, HIBERNUS MORTIS and BRUTAL MASTICATION. The album will be released sometime this year.

ABSCESS are back with a 13 song album, Tormented, due on January 23rd through Deathvomit/ Necropolis. The band features members of AUTOPSY, HEXX and DEATH. Tormented has the following tracklisting: ‘Rusted Blood’, ‘Filth Chamber’, ‘Tormented’, ‘Madness And Parasites’, ‘Deathscape In Flames’, ‘Street Trash’, ‘Halo Of Disease’, ‘Scratching At The Coffin’, ‘Ratbag’, ‘Death Runs Red’, ‘Wormwind’, ‘From Bleeding Skies’ and ‘Madhouse At The End Of The World’.

DEMENTOR‘s new album, Enslave The Weak, is out on January 26th through Osmose.

The following limited edition vinyl is currently available directly from Near Dark Productions: SOLSTICE/TWISTED TOWER DIRE split 10" picture disc – limited to 300 copies, TRIUMPHATOR 7" EP – limited to 300 copies and SORHIN’s Doden MCMXCVIII picture disc – three different fronts are available seperately or as a set to complete the Black Metal wall. Send orders to: Near Dark Productions – Box 40 – 860 30 Sorberge – Sweden

Arctic Music’s newest find BURNER will begin recording their debut album in February. The band features J.P. Soars from DIVINE EMPIRE.

January 06, 2001

Majestic Union Records’ METAL FOREVER compilation-CD 2000, which will be out soon, is going to include the following bands: Horresco Referens, Clamor (both Fra), Unholy Archangel, Royal Quest (Gre), Osh, Nokturnal, Bäd Influence (Ger), Berserk (Austria), Vastator (Chile), Cremation (Hol), Maelstrom (Nor), Nattas (Swe), King (Slovakia) and more! 14 unsigned Heavy / Thrash / Death / Doom Metal bands in total, full colour artwork (done by Panos Sounas), 16-20 paged booklet and it will be sold for just 7-8$! More details from: stef@majesticunion.de

There is a new release in the works, a farewell CD of Germany’s mighty R.U.DEAD?, which sadly split-up in ’98! Everybody should be familiar with that cult band, which includes former Poison members that released the infamous "Into the Abyss" MLP! The CD is going to feature material from over 10 years, including a total of 13 songs in 75 min., taken from their ’90 demo, "Hypnos" 7" ’92 (Morbid Records), "Nothing Will be Forgiven" MCD ’95 (still a few copies available, get in touch!), "A Thought Before the Kill" MLP ’97 (limited to 200 copies and totally sold out) and a yet unreleased song from March ’98 (the last recordings ever done)! "Completely Dead", which is the title of the CD, will be released in co-operation with Sempiternal Records from Chicago and is expected Spring 2001! "The style of the band has its roots in the music of Germany’s POISON which played Black/Death Metal long before it became a trend (’84-’87) and is therefore refering mostly to the Thrash/Death/Doom happenings of the 80s (Slayer/Pestilence/Death/Coroner/Trouble/ Venom etc.) without trying to be "retro" or "True Metal". The main goal of R.U.Dead? was to write powerful/heavy/RAW material with quite some variaton but without trying to follow any kind of trend like crossover, so-called "Gothic Metal" or Black/Grind-Noise bullshit" R.U.Dead? For further info contact Majestic Union Records at: stef@majesticunion.de