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June 30, 2003

INGURGITATING OBLIVION perform technical, dark, malicious tunes in the vein of acts such as Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel and, partially, Gorguts. This lunatic outfit mediates evilness that can best be described by referring to South American bands like Mortem, Imprecation, Shub-Niggurath etc. (although I.O.’s style sounds more modern, technical…). The band plans to enter a killer / high-end studio some time around October 2003 in order to record a 3-4 track promo CD generally blaspheming aesthetic norms. Having accomplished that, the band intends to apply for label co-operations… in fact, several labels have signaled interest already. Nevertheless, the band is still searching for more offers… so get in touch! www.ingurgitating-oblivion.de

LORD BELIAL aren’t able to play Party.San 2003. The band kicked their drummer out of the band and the possible replacement isn’t able to play their set in a proper way. LORD BELIAL are really sorry about this development. Thomas (gt / voc): "We were really looking forward to play but without a good drummer we can’t show what LORD BELIAL is all about". The replacement for LORD BELIAL will be the Dutch Death / Thrash machine GOD DETHRONED.

June 28, 2003

The new DEW-SCENTED album "Impact" is done. The band managed to nail down all of the previously written 15 tracks together with Andy Classen at Stage One studio during the last weeks (May – June). The recording line-up consisted of Florian Müller – lead guitars, Hendrik Bache – lead guitars & bass, Leif Jensen – vocals and Uwe Werning – drums. Nuclear Blast Records will be releasing "Impact" in Germany / Austria / Switzerland on August 25th, 2003. The rest of Europe will follow on by September 1st and North America (USA and Canada) should street on October 7th. The regular version of the album will have the following track-list: ‘Acts Of Rage’, ‘New Found Pain’, ‘Destination Hell’, ‘Soul Poison’, ‘Cities Of The Dead’, ‘Down My Neck’, ‘One By One’, ‘Agony Designed’, ‘Slaughtervain’, ‘Flesh Reborn’ and ’18 Hours’. There will be a strictly limited digipak release of the album as well which will feature the following bonus tracks: ‘Force-Fed [The Bleeding Scheme]’ (another brand new song) and a cover version of Turbonegro’s ‘Hobbit Motherfuckers’. Additionally, DEW-SCENTED did a cover version of Metallica’s classic ‘Metal Militia’ and also re-recorded their own song ‘Skybound’, which originally appeared on the 1999 album "Ill-Natured". Both of these songs will be used as bonus tracks at some later point. You can already check out the album’s package at the band’s official website: www.dew-scented.de. Nuclear Blast Records will also be doing a special 2-LP version for "Impact" which will include the new album as well as the complete version of "Inwards". DEW-SCENTED are currently working on re-releasing their older albums "Innoscent" (1998) and "Ill-Natured" (1999), as the original printings of both records have sold out by now. The idea is that both albums will be released later in 2003 together on one CD (also for the price of one CD) in remastered versions (courtesy of Andy Classen) with new artwork, etc.

June 23, 2003

PANZERCHRIST‘s forthcoming album, "Room Service", will be out through Mighty Music in September. Head to www.mightymusic.dk for MP3s.

PYREXIA and their label, RexxCorp., has signed a three year exclusive distribution deal for North America and Europe with Crash Music. Look for a new album very soon.

DIABOLIC (www.diabolicblastmasters.com) will release their fourth album, "Infinity Through Purification", in October.

IMPIETY have added a second guitarist to the band. The new member will be announced soon. The band are scheduled to perform at Berlin, Germany’s 6th Annual "Under The Black Sun Festival", taking place July 12 / 13. For info on the festival go to: www.triple-six-concerts.de. Impiety will also play the Formoz Festival 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan on July 19th (www.formoz.com).

ENTHRAL‘s (www.enthral.org) "Subterranean Movement" album is out through Displeased on June 28th.

SETHERIAL‘s "Endtyme Dive" album is being released on limited edition picture disc vinyl via Regain.

DIABOLICAL (http://come.to/diabolical) have confirmed the following festival dates: June 27 – Smack Rockfestival – Timra (SWE), July 11 – Kaltenbach Open Air – Kaltenbach (A), July 12 – Obscene Extreme – Trutnov (CZECH) and August 7 – 9 – Brutal Assault (CZECH).

Restrain Records are a new independent record label. The label will launch with the limited edition release of BRODEQUIN’s "Festival Of Death" album on LP, due out on June 19th.

Displeased Records will reissue BORKNAGAR‘s "Archaic Course", CRYPTOPSY‘s "And Then You’ll Beg" and MOONSPELL‘s "Wolfheart" on vinyl soon.

June 21, 2003

Old school Death Metal veterans SALEM will play a live concert in the Barbie Club (Tel Aviv) on July 9th, to support the release of the fourth video from ‘Collective Demise’ (System Shock Records), as well as celebrating the15th year anniversary of the release of the "Destruction Til Death" demo. Support comes from Mesopotamian Black Metal barbarians Arallu, who just got active again after a one year break. Band leader / singer Butchered had the following to say about the band’s future plans: "After the Salem gig, which will be the third gig with the new line up, the band will record a promo CD, which will be sent to a couple of European labels who are interested in signing the band. Since nothing is closed yet I will not mention names. Also, in September there will be a DVD release containing live footage from various concerts the band had played in Israel over the years, a promo clip, interviews and some other shit. Expect Full Force IDF Metal Attack and some of the most fanatic Metalheads in the worldwide underground scene. Support the real underground, fuck off to all virtual "War Metal" bands, who are too shitscared to come to play to their loyal fans in Israel. Hail Rotting Christ, Ancient Rites, Vader and any other foreign act who came to Israel during the current war. Stay Metal!"

June 20, 2003

Both legendary MAJESTY demos plus live tracks will be issued on CD and LP later this year through From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records. For those who don’t know, this US cult act has been the predecessor of grind legends Terrorizer! Their recordings are considered cult and have shown to be essential for the development of Death Metal and Grindcore!

KILLAMAN has risen from the ashes of Murder Corporation and recently signed with Displeased Records. With members of Deranged and Reclusion this new outfit will continue where Murder Corporation stopped, meaning groovy hard-hitting aggressive (Death) Metal with hints of Crust and Punk. Full length to be recorded at Berno Studios in late June.

Both legendary late eighties Black / Doom demos by US cult act GOATLORD will be reissued on CD as well as limited double vinyl through From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records. Essential for underground maniacs who worship Hellhammer, early Evoken and the demo-era of Samael.

Here’s a statement from Germany’s most exciting underground Classic Metal Event, the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL: "DAMIEN THORNE and IRON CROSS had to cancel their appearance at the festival. As a replacement for IRON CROSS we are proud to announce French Metal pioneers KILLERS. After their fantastic show at Wacken 1999 they play the second time in Germany. For more info, check out their homepage www.killers.fr.fm. We are also working really hard at the replacement for DAMIEN THORNE and hope to announce it in the next days. Stay tuned and remember, that you will get 12 international bands for the price of ONE CD. Stay Heavy, Oliver and Tarek." www.killers.fr.fm. We are also working really hard at the replacement for DAMIEN THORNE and hope to announce it in the next days. Stay tuned and remember, that you will get 12 international bands for the price of ONE CD. Stay Heavy, Oliver and Tarek." The KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL takes places on July 19, 2003 in Lauda-Koenigshofen (GER) at the Tauberfranken Halle with OMEN, BROCAS HELM, MAJESTY, SOLEMNITY, KILLERS(FR), DOOMSWORD, KILLER(BEL), MALEDICTION, ETERNAL REIGN, SOLITAIRE, GUNFIRE. www.keep-it-true.de

June 16, 2003

Germany’s KADATH finally managed to find a new drummer. His name is Mike Heinemann and he comes from Duisburg. The band is currently writing new songs with him for the recordings of a 10th anniversary mini CD at the end of the year. All further info at: www.kadathdeath.de

June 09, 2003

Austria’s ABIGOR have split-up. The band issued the following through their website (www.infernalhorde.com): "There’re different reasons for my decision, mainly because I am pissed by the entire Black-Metal genre. I simply can’t identify myself, nor ABIGOR with today’s Black-Metal genre anymore – it simply limits my creativity in so many ways, and I guess too many people and fans won’t be able to understand the new material, because it’s by far too untypical, technical and complex. Too many are addicted to old values, and our previous releases, while I hate stagnation and I am not willed to compose a copy of any previous record just to satisfy the need of the people, and our distributions! ABIGOR was deeply rooted within Black-Metal, within it’s true values – not addicted to sale-rates, not addicted to the opinion & reviews of magazines, and fucking not addicted, nor interested in the views & opinions of x-hundred fans, that tried to tell us how we should create music that they like it. ABIGOR stud for individuality! We never set us any limits, it was the union of quite different and insane individuals that tried to realize their visions through music -self-realization – as I called it throughout the years – all on a very personal level, to sum it up, ABIGOR was the expression of extreme mental attitudes through extreme music, based on a satanic, blasphemic & misanthropic background. However, I won’t discuss about decisions anymore, just accept it – ABIGOR is dead & gone! I’d like to thank all the current, new- and ex-members, and the NAPALM crew for their 200% support. A last hail to all our die-hard fans that supported ABIGOR since 1993, and all the bands and individuals I am in frequent contact with, you know who you are – the flames’ still burning, but the circle is closed… The website will still be online and updated from time to time, just to inform you about the new / other activities of the members, but be sure, there won’t be a reunion! – Peter (ABIGOR 1993-2003)."

IN FLAMES‘ "Trigger" EP is being released in Germany as a limited edition two-CD digipak complete with a DVD single.

TAAKE are confirmed to perform at the Hole In The Sky festival, taking place July 30th in Bergen, Norway. Others on the bill include SATYRICON, ARCTURUS, CARPATHIAN FOREST and more.

Moribund Records has released the following new albums: AZRAEL‘s "Into Shadows Act I: Denial", SARGEIST‘s "Satanic Black Devotion" and LEVIATHAN‘s "The Tenth Sub-Level Of Suicide".

CARPATHIAN FOREST have confirmed that they will perform at this summer’s Wacken Open Air festival, taking place July 31 – August 2 in Wacken, Germany.

MIRRORTHRONE‘s debut album, "Of Wind And Weeping", is out now via Red Stream. This symphonic Black Metal one-man band hails from Switzerland. Mp3’s are currently available for download from .www.mirrorthrone.com. The first 1.000 copies of the album come in a limited edition slipcase.

June 08, 2003

After a few months of hectic silence, Tampa Florida’s DIABOLIC are ready to announce the title of their new album. "Infinity Through Purification", DIABOLIC’s 4th full length album, will be released worldwide through Century Media / Olympic Recordings this October, and will be recorded and mixed by none other than Grammy winning producer Neil Kernon (JUDAS PRIEST, QUEENSRYCHE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MACABRE) at the Sonic Ranch Studio www.sonicranch.com in Tornillo, Tx. The line-up of Brian Malone and Eric Hersemann – lead guitars, Gael Barthelemy – drums and Ed Webb – vocals / bass, will be performing with HATE ETERNAL in the Tampa Bay area this August at a venue yet to be decided. More details on all of this, as well as European Vengeance Tour photos, promo photos, and merchandise at www.diabolicblastmasters.com

After some time of silence NOCTE OBDUCTA return with a new album "Stille (Das nagende Schweigen)". The official release date is the 1st of July 2003. Further info at www.nocte-obducta.de. Anyone who pre-orders the album in the Supreme Chaos Records online store before the official release will get it for a special price of 8 Euros only. www.s-c-r.de

Aries and Svart of Sanguis are going to release the debut album of HELLSAW, which is supposed to be rawer Black Metal than Sanguis and ex-singer Zhorn started Key of Mythras (old school Thrash / Black Metal) with Svart on drums. www.keyofmythras.tk, www.hellsaw.at.tt, www.sanguis.at

KARKADAN will be enteringing the studio in September. The first pre-productions without a keyboarder are said to be even more in the Black / Death Metal vein, combined with Heavy Metal riffing. The working title of the next album is "Silent Prayers Of The Forlorn Ones". There is also a mini album planned and a limited double LP featuring both releases on vinyl. www.karkadan.com

June 06, 2003

The SUMMER BREEZE festival was forced to withdraw German Black Metallers ANCIENT CEREMONY from their line-up because the mayor of Abtsgmund threatened to cancel the complete festival if a band that supported and publicly spread satanism played on the festival. For more info check: www.summer-breeze.de and www.ancient-ceremony.de

June 05, 2003

Sorry to pollute the unholy realms of Voices with classic Heavy Metal but this billing is just too good to be true, hehe. For anybody with a faible for good old Heavy Metal the way it should be played (not like those cheap HAMMERFALL clones) the following festival should be highly interesting, especially for the OMEN and BROCAS HELM performances (all the others rock a lot, too): go there and lose all your prejudices against classic Heavy Metal! KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL (19th of July 2003, at the Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany). Running order: 13:00 – 13:40 ETERNAL REIGN, 13:55 – 14:35 GUNFIRE, 14:50 – 15:30 SOLITAIRE, 15:45 – 16:25 MALEDICTION, 16:40 – 17:25 KILLER, 17:40 – 18:30 IRON CROSS, 18:45 – 19:45 DOOMSWORD, 20:00 – 21:00 DAMIEN THORNE, 21:15 – 22:15 MAJESTY, 22:30 – 23:30 BROCAS HELM, 23:45 – 0:45 OMEN, 1:00 – 2:00 SOLEMNITY. www.keep-it-true.de/

One of the coolest and most relaxed open airs in Germany is waiting for you: barbeque in the garden, camping almost next to the stage, unbelievable athmosphere. No extreme Metal, though. (I’ve been there twice and it rocks – Ramon): HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR – Fr.11th of July from 06:00p.m. + Sa.12th of July 2003 from 12:00 o’ clock in Brande-Hörnerkirchen near Wacken (Hamburg), Germany try to get your tickets in advance as there is very limited space! BÄD INFLUENCE, BLITZKRIEG, CRYONIC TEMPLE, DAMIEN THORNE, DOOMSWORD, EMERALD, EXILED, FINAL BREATH, HIRAX, KILLER, METAL INQUISITOR, NIGHTSHADE, PARAGON, SKANNERS, SOLITAIRE,SOLITUDE, STORMWARRIOR, THUNDERSTORM, TRESPASS, VICTIMES OF MADNESS. www.headbangers-open-air.de

June 04, 2003

Here’s a litte band update from Anton Reisenegger of CRIMINAL: "I’m living in Germany now, Zac is in England and Rodrigo in Chile . But fear not! The new CRIMINAL album is on its way! The working title is "Supersonic Death", and we are working on a very cool cover idea with Claudio Bergamin, who did the cover for the European version of "Cancer". We have written over 50% of the material for the album, and I can tell you it’s gonna be the most commercial, soft, melodic, slow, and lightweight CRIMINAL album ever!!! Yeah right!!! Anyway, we should be recording around August or September for the album to be released a few months later. We still have to work on the schedules, but it’s gonna be out through Metal Blade in Europe and some major label in Chile . It’s not very clear yet if Mark (Royce – keyboards) is going to play on the album, or what his involvement is going to be in the future of the band, but we’re just taking it easy, focusing on writing and getting the production process underway."

Swedish Thrashers THE CROWN, recently rejoined by original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, have completed the recordings for their new album, "Possessed 13", and are taking a three-week break before returning to Gothenburg’s Studio Fredman in mid-June to mix the effort for a tentative September / October release. "It sounds very fuckin’ great and we can’t wait to release this fury upon your souls," Lindstrand wrote in a recent online pos ting. "It has gone very smooth in the studio, no problems at all and everybody is working their asses off. When we’re not beating our instruments we are kickin’ each other’s asses in Tekken 4 and the undisputed champion is for the moment Janne. We have now tuned down the guitars even more to get a more deadly sound to the songs and it is fuckin’ working, and the fast songs have become even more faster than the pre-production we did. As I’m writing this [on Thursday, May 22] I have only one more song to do vocals on and that’s ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’, a mid tempo song that’s gonna end the album along with the instrumental piece ‘The Endless Gate’. Marc us has also some solos left to do and the shit he’s done so far has fuckin’ blown me away. Yeah, I got to tell you, it’s great to be back in hell again, where I belong hehehe." The tentative track listing for "Possessed 13" is as follows: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Face Of Destruction’ / ‘Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Dream Bloody Hell’ (instrumental), ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Kill ‘Em All’, ‘Morningstar Rising’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Bow To None’, ‘Zombiefied!’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’ and ‘The Endless Gate’ (instrumental).

Ron Vento (AURORA BOREALIS) has just opened a new professional recording facility in Maryland comprising of a 1500 sq ft industrial building. This studio specializes in Death and Black Metal. Nightsky Studios offers 124 tracks of all digital fully automated pro tools recording, and boasts 12 foot tracking ceilings as well as 2 isolation booths and amplifier room all on floating floors. Please visit www.nightskystudios.org for more information or email AURORA4DTH@aol.com

June 03, 2003

Due to personal differences ANCIENT RITES decided to end the cooperation with Jan Yrlund (ex-Lacrimosa / Prestige) during the "Generation Armageddon" Tour. www.ancientrites.be

June 02, 2003

The release of SLAYER‘s "War At The Warfield" DVD has been pushed back to July 29th.

SKINLESS‘ website, www.4skinless.com, reports that the band will team up with DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX and DIVINE EMPIRE for a US tour scheduled to run from July 19th to August 23rd.

On August 22nd in Melbourne, CRYPTOPSY will headline the first international metal festival to be held in Australia called "Destruction Of Oz". Also on the bill are DORO, SODOM and MARDUK among others.

SATYRICON have announced through their website, www.satyricon.no, that they will headline the "Hole In The Sky" Festival in Bergen, Norway on September 30th.

June 01, 2003

Wisconsin based Horror Death Metal act PHANTASM, who featured Matt Grassberger of DR.SHRINKER on bass for a short period of time, have an official website now. You can check it out here: http://people.freenet.de/phantasm. The band released two classic demos in 1990 ("Lycanthropy") and 1992 ("The Abominable", re-released on CD with the additional track ‘Gut Suckers’ in 1995) but unfortunately broke up at the end of 1995 for personal differences. Original vocalist / drummer Tony Brandt recently re-issued both demos on CD. They sell for $10 each plus $2 postage (US) / $3 (world). He also has limited quantities of the "Gut Suckers" 7" in green vinyl available. They sell for $3 plus $2 postage (US) / $3 (world). Contact: tlvbrandt@hotmail.com