August 10, 2004

Lopus Lounge have signed Germany’s Pagan / Black Metal act HELRUNAR. Their self-published debut "Gratr" was already greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. The three musicians don’t deny their dark roots, but enrich their influences from the likes of DarkThrone, Kampfar and Ulver with a unique drama that grips everyone irregardless of language and makes every listener join in the strong vocals of Skald Draugir – not matter whether he airs his malice in German or Norwegian. For more info check out

The PROPHECY KONZERTNACHT FESTIVAL (originally scheduled for Bochum) will now take place in Munich instead. Reason for this is the rather close "Nebelmond Festival", where two of the three bands planned for the Prophecy Konzertnaechte are going to play as well.

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