August 15, 2004

SATHANAS will be releasing a new MCD "Flesh For The Devil" on Stilldead Productions soon. Artwork by Chris Moyen. Tracks include: ‘Unholy War’, ‘Invocation’, ‘Possessed By Blasphemy’, ‘Reign Of The Antichrist’ and ‘Flesh For The Devil’. Also includes a cover of SLAUGHTER’s ‘Nocturnal Hell’. For info contact, SATHANAS website:

A twelve-camera production crew filmed SATYRICON‘s performance at last weekend’s Wacken Open Air festival for an upcoming music video for the track ‘Repined Bastard Nation’. The Norwegian Black Metallers co-headlined the festival with Nocturno Culto, guitarist and vocalist from influential Black Metal band, DARKTHRONE who joined Satyricon on stage to perform some of DARKTHRONE’s most celebrated classics. Nocturno Culto also played guitar on the final track, ‘Mother North’, from SATYRICON’s highly acclaimed album "Nemesis Divina" where he features under the name of ‘Kveldulv’. The joint legendary performance, held in front of over 40,000 people, broke ‘a new crowd record’ and was the last of its kind according to both camps. The event was later described as a historical moment and a turning point for Black Metal by insiders. ‘Repined Bastard Nation’ originates from SATYRICON’s latest album, "Volcano", released in Europe through Capitol Records in September 2002 and most recently in the U.S. through the Sony Music imprint EatUrMusic, the label run by SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist, Daron Malakian.

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