August 23, 2004

Bassist / vocalist David Vincent will be rejoining MORBID ANGEL for their re-scheduled tour of South America following the departure – for the second, and apparently final, time – of the group’s most recent frontman Steve Tucker. "MORBID ANGEL and World Management would like to thank Steve Tucker for his contribution on several MORBID ANGEL records as well as multiple great tours", reads a posting on the group’s web site. "We all wish him well and are sure he will succeed in his new endeavors". Tucker had the following to say regarding his decision to leave the group: "After many problems and much discussion with the people around me, the people I trust, I have decided it is necessary for me to step away from MORBID ANGEL. It has been a long trip with a lot of great shows and I have made many friends along the way. The MORBID ANGEL fans that not only excepted me, but reveled in my being a part of the band, have been the greatest thing about my time in MORBID ANGEL, they are the reason I came back to the band. There are many reasons for me leaving the band, personal reasons, musical reasons and very logical reasons. All of which will stay between me and the band. MORBID ANGEL existed many years before I came along and will for many more I am sure. I have enjoyed playing with some great musicians and touring with some great bands and meeting some incredible people all over the world. To all these people I say ‘Thank You’ and we will meet again. I am not done with the music business by any means, I will now be moving into other areas of the business, things I have always enjoyed, but didn’t have time for. I will be moving into much more recording, production and management, so any bands interested in working with me, feel free to contact me at Again, thank you to all of the fans for 8 years of making my hour and a half of stage time so brilliant!!!". In related news, MORBID ANGEL and World Management would like to clear the air with the announcement that after more than 15 years and 9 albums and one EP the band and Earache Records have parted ways on future recordings. "We will be exploring all interested labels as well as other options and and will make a decision on a new release for 2005 in the next few months. Currently we are still in the final phases of tour commitments for "Heretic". We wish Earache continued success in selling our catalogue and have an obvious professional vested interest in this. We wish to thank all of the Earache employees past and present for their work on Morbid Angel’s releases. We are looking forward with excitement to the future."

In a recent posting on his official website, producer Kevin Shirley comments about working on SLAYER‘s upcoming DVD, "Reign In Blood Live: Still Reigning". "I (just) finished mixing (the) DVD, in stereo and surround, and it’s great – it rocks hard, but it was tough to mix." "Reign In Blood Live: Still Reigning" is due out on September 28, 2004 through American records. The 75-minute DVD features original members Tom Araya (vocals, bass), guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, and drummer Dave Lombardo (who permanently rejoined the band in 2003).

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