July 22, 2004

Sweden’s ANGST will be releasing their new album "In Hoc Signo Vinces" via Black Attakk on October 25, 2004. All further info you may find at http://angstband.cjb.net

EISMALSOTT will start recording their "Patina" album end of August. www.eismalsott.de

DIES ATER have just finished the recordings of their new MCD "Out Of The Dark" at Stage One Studio. The disc will feature two brandnew tunes, a re-worked old song and a coverversion of Falco’s ‘Out Of The Dark’. www.diesater.de

EQUILIBRIUM are currently in the studio to record their new album "Turis Fratyr", which will be released on September 27, 2004. www.equilibrium-metal.de

The new SANCTIMONIOUS ORDER album is entitled "Thy Kingdom" and will be released on September 27. www.sanctimonious-order.com

Black Attakk have just signed FJOERGYN. Their music’s supposed to be like "Wagner on Black Metal…" The release is scheduled for November this year.

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