July 26, 2004

Former PESTILENCE bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling is currently available for progressive and technical bands or (studio) projects, according to a posting on his official website www.jeroenthesseling.com.

The following message has been posted at OPETH‘s official website (www.opeth.com): "Music For Nations have now officially closed their doors. OPETH have luckily been dropped from BMG / Zomba and is looking through new offers at the moment. Mikael Åkerfeldt has started writing for what is supposed to be the next OPETH album. Hopefully to be recorded sometime in the early Spring of 2005".

Arctic Music Group will release a new compilation album, VOICES FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE, on July 27th. The album, featuring "the most brutal and relentless Death and Black Metal bands that Scandinavia has to offer", will include the following tracklisting: DENATA – Art Of The Insane, LORD BELIAL – Purify Sweden, VISCERAL BLEEDING – Fury Unleashed, IN BATTLE- Pioneers Of A Dead Future, EXMORTEM – Killstorms, DIABOLICAL – Under My Skin, IMPERIAL FOETICIDE – A Light Whirl, My Guide, DESPISED – Millenium Fuck, LATEX – Hammerfuck, MORTUARY IOD – Lyric Sickness, NOMINON – White Death, PORTAL – In Step Of Forgotten Gods, REPUDIATE – Lifelong Damnation, SHADOWBUILDER – Silver & Black, SOIL OF THE UNDEAD – Violent Desecration, THRONEAEON – Oblivion and LATEX – Sodomaniacs.

Northern Blaze Records (www.NorthernBlaze.com) have released the debut album, "When Darkness Falls", from SUFFER, the band featuring members of GOATWHORE and DISINCARNATE. SUFFER was forged from the deep swamps of Louisiana, unleashing the intense musical ideas and ambitions brought forth by drummer Tomas Viator (DISINCARNATE, ACID BATH, SHRUM, ASTAROTH), bassist Kelly Pitre (SHRUM, VUAL) and vocalist / guitarist Tim Holsinger (GOATWHORE, PSYCHO SCENARIO).

German Death Metallers SPAWN have signed a deal with Morbid Records. Their upcoming album, "Human Toxin", has been recorded at Dailyhero Recordings Studios and mastered at Mega Wimp Sound (DISINTER, DYING FETUS, HAEMORRHAGE). Morbid will release the album in December.

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