June 24, 2004

The upcoming PENTACLE album will be released through the German label Iron Pegasus Records. Here’s the band’s official statement about it: "Some people already expected this, but now it is official. We’re happy to work with Costa again. As some of you know he already released our split 10" with Desaster some years ago. He also arranged the booklet for the "Ancient Death" MLP. Each time it was a pleasure to work with him. He is 100% dedicated to the scene and has released many outstanding albums of bands like Desaster, Zemial, Hadez, Mortuary Drape, Sadistic Intent, Beherit, Sabbat and many more. We are truly convinced we have found the right label for our Metal madness! The cooperation with Iron Pegasus Records will have the positive outcome of three formats of the new album: CD, limited LP and limited PD. Again, Harrow Productions in Losser (The Netherlands) has been chosen as recording studio. The recordings will take place in September and October. We hope to record 10 or 11 new songs. Former Order From Chaos – and current Ares Kingdom-guitarist Chuck Keller has contributed a track which will be featured on the new album. You can expect something a bit different from the normal Pentacle material, but be aware this song is not a filler! It will give the album an extra impulse of old school energy. Thanks in advance for the great song, Chuck! Manuel Tinnemans, who was also responsible for the covers of "… Rides the Moonstorm", "Ancient Death" and the upcoming "Archaic Undead Fury" split with Blood Storm, will again take care of the artwork. He has promised us a masterpiece! We didn’t expect anything else."

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