November 17, 2004

Within the next couple of months Spain’s XTREEM MUSIC will be releasing a bunch of underground classics on the label’s "Xtreem Cult Series" subdivision. After the great FUNEBRE re-issue of "Children Of The Scorn" (which is already out) there’s gonna be ABHORER’s "Unholy Blasphemer" (their "Zygotical Sabbatory Unabapt" album from 1996, plus demo and 7" material), DISGRACE’s "Grey Misery" album (plus 7" and demo), DEMIGOD’s "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" album (plus demo and possibly more), a REVENANT demo / EP collection, both CEREMONIUM albums and 7" on one CD, the KILLING ADDICTION album (plus demo, 7" and split tape material) and MORPHEUS DESCENDS album (plus 7" and live tracks). More to be announced shortly.

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