November 22, 2004

The new bass player in RESURRECTED is Ben Bays , the little brother of the band’s former bass player and friend Stefan Bays . After updating Ben on the RESURRECTED material the band will start playing live again in January 2005 (for the first confirmed dates check out our tourdates section).

BOLT THROWER have found a replacement for recently departed singer Dave Ingram. The band are very happy to announce that original vocalist Karl Willetts has rejoined them as a full-time member. Says Karl, "It’s fantastic to be a part of the mighty Bolt Thrower again. It feels great to be back with the guys, I can’t wait to get my teeth into the new songs and get back on the road again. I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to…!" The now complete line-up of Bolt Thrower will spend the next few weeks finishing off the new material and plan to go into the studio in the new year.

HADES ALMIGHTY have posted their new video, for the track ‘Submission Equals Suicide’, online here. In related news, Hades Almighty will support DEICIDE at their upcoming date at Garage in Bergen, Norway on November 23rd. Also, Hades Almighty will headline the first day of the Elements Of Metal Festival in Sandefjord, Norway, taking place December 3rd and 4th. RED HARVEST headline the second day. For more info, check out the festivals website:

CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist Alex Webster has posted the following update on the band’s official web site regarding the status of singer George Fisher: "Hey everyone, we just wanted to update you guys on the situation with George. He has an inflamed lung that has been making breathing very difficult and painful for him. He had to miss the Pittsburgh show because of this. We want to say thanks to Maurizio from KATAKLYSM for singing ‘Stripped, Raped And Strangled’ with us, and also say thanks to the Pittsburgh fans who contributed some growling throughout the show. We thought we might have a similar situation at the next show in Philadelphia, but George was able to perform despite his illness. He is still having some breathing difficulty, but he is improving. He also thinks he’ll be able to finish the remaining shows without any problems, as the medicine the doctors perscribed for him is reducing the inflammation. Anyway, this is not a permanent problem, just a passing illness. George should be just fine soon. George and the rest of us want to say a big thank you to all of the fans who have expressed concern and support on this matter, it means a lot to us."

According to a press release, the writing and preliminary recording of the sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is proceeding, with the final completion date tentatively scheduled for early next year. The running time of the sixth album will be in excess of 70 minutes. A detailed press release concerning the opus will be unveiled exclusively at the official Bal-Sagoth website ( to coincide with the completion of recording, and will include the disclosure of the album title and the individual track titles. The release is scheduled during the first quarter of 2005, with an exact date to be finalized imminently.

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