September 27, 2004

Original EXCITER members Dan Beehler (drums) and Allan Johnson (bass) have announced they have come to an agreement with Megaforce Records to re-release the first six Exciter albums. ANNIHILATOR guitarist / founder Jeff Waters has already remastered the albums. They include: "Heavy Metal Maniac" (1983), "Violence And Force" (1984), "Long Live The Loud" (1985), "Better Live Than Dead" (1990), "Unveiling The Wicked" (1986) and "O.T.T." (1988). These re-releases will include bonus material such as video footage, rare interviews and pictures from that era. In addition, the "Feel The Knife" EP (1985) and ‘World War III’ (US Metal Volume 2 / Shrapnel Records compilation track from 1982) will be re-issued, also with bonus material. "Violence And Force" will be re-released internationally on November 9th. The rest of the catalogue will appear on the shelves in early 2005.

The following update has been issued via the official WATCHTOWER website ( Monster Underground (formerly Monster Records) will be releasing the first (and very hard to find) CD, "Energetic Disassembly", and it will be available on October 5, 2004. It will contain a 10 page booklet, featuring lyrics, photos, liner notes from Doug and Jason and a collage of 80s magazine quotes / articles. The song order is as on the original vinyl release.

KRISIUN has posted the following update on their official website, Krisiun have been a trademark for musical violence and a steady nominee for the title of the globe’s fastest Death Metal act throughout their 12 years of existence. Still, it is high time to reconsider your preconceived notions about the band! "Bloodshed" (recorded 100% analog) may not be a full new studio-album, but it’s no less than 8 brand-new tracks (incl. 3 intros / outros) that show a different side of the band. It also includes four re-mastered tracks of their rare, "Unmerciful Order" MCD, which was originally released in 1993 and today is being hailed as a cult underground release. "Bloodshed" grinds — but not solely in the sense of sonic assaults crafted out of insane speed. Without losing any of their intensity, Krisiun went for some mid-paced songs that will surely surprise anybody who thought the band wouldn’t be capable of combining raw brutality with an ultimate technical edge and pounding groove riffs. Those who are worried about one of the last advocates of the extreme selling-out can be relieved: Unholy compositions like ‘Slain Fate’, ‘Ominous’ and ‘Visions Beyond’ are underlined by the raw fury of the early tracks from "Unmerciful Order". Tracks eight through eleven bear witness that Krisiun have been and will always be a guarantee for ultra-violence. The 7-minute outro ‘MMIV’ shows another side of the band with its spooky, almost ’80s horror-film feel. Just make sure not to hit the repeat-button too early on this track. Despite a total playing-time of 40 minutes, "Bloodshed" will be available for the fan-friendly price of a mid-priced CD. About the time "Bloodshed" is released, Krisiun will go out for another round of the relentless live shows for which they are so famous. They will embark on the European Clash Of Demigods tour with co-headliners BEHEMOTH and with support from INCANTATION and RAGNAROK.

KREATOR have named their new album "Enemy Of God", and will release the effort through SPV Records on January 10th, 2005 in Europe / South America and on January 11th in North America. The limited edition version of the release will come with a bonus DVD which contains a "making of" segment and video clips. The album’s release will be followed by an extensive world tour, including massive sound and lights plus a killer stage design in the style of the new cover artwork, which will be made by Austrian artist Jochim Luetke ( Before the album is released, Kreator will issue a specially priced 4 track EP, including previously unreleased live material and non album tracks. Tracks to appear on "Enemy Of God" include: ‘Enemy Of God’, ‘Impossible Brutality’, ‘Suicide Terrorist’, ‘Murder Fantasies’, ‘Dying Race Apocalypse’, ‘One Evil Comes – A Million Follow’, ‘Dystopia’, ‘World Anarchy’, ‘Voices’, ‘Under A Blackened Sky’, ‘When Death Takes It’s Dominion’ and ‘The Ancient Plague’. Kreator’s Mille Petrozza recently commented on the new material, stating, "The style of the songs is pure brutal Thrash! Tons of fast shit, sick solos, aggro riffing. I am really psyched about the new shit, can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Looking foreward to get back on the road again, to play for you all!" In related news, Kreator’s home page,, will soon be updated with a brand new design.

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