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July 26, 2004

Former PESTILENCE bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling is currently available for progressive and technical bands or (studio) projects, according to a posting on his official website www.jeroenthesseling.com.

The following message has been posted at OPETH‘s official website (www.opeth.com): "Music For Nations have now officially closed their doors. OPETH have luckily been dropped from BMG / Zomba and is looking through new offers at the moment. Mikael Åkerfeldt has started writing for what is supposed to be the next OPETH album. Hopefully to be recorded sometime in the early Spring of 2005".

Arctic Music Group will release a new compilation album, VOICES FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE, on July 27th. The album, featuring "the most brutal and relentless Death and Black Metal bands that Scandinavia has to offer", will include the following tracklisting: DENATA – Art Of The Insane, LORD BELIAL – Purify Sweden, VISCERAL BLEEDING – Fury Unleashed, IN BATTLE- Pioneers Of A Dead Future, EXMORTEM – Killstorms, DIABOLICAL – Under My Skin, IMPERIAL FOETICIDE – A Light Whirl, My Guide, DESPISED – Millenium Fuck, LATEX – Hammerfuck, MORTUARY IOD – Lyric Sickness, NOMINON – White Death, PORTAL – In Step Of Forgotten Gods, REPUDIATE – Lifelong Damnation, SHADOWBUILDER – Silver & Black, SOIL OF THE UNDEAD – Violent Desecration, THRONEAEON – Oblivion and LATEX – Sodomaniacs.

Northern Blaze Records (www.NorthernBlaze.com) have released the debut album, "When Darkness Falls", from SUFFER, the band featuring members of GOATWHORE and DISINCARNATE. SUFFER was forged from the deep swamps of Louisiana, unleashing the intense musical ideas and ambitions brought forth by drummer Tomas Viator (DISINCARNATE, ACID BATH, SHRUM, ASTAROTH), bassist Kelly Pitre (SHRUM, VUAL) and vocalist / guitarist Tim Holsinger (GOATWHORE, PSYCHO SCENARIO).

German Death Metallers SPAWN have signed a deal with Morbid Records. Their upcoming album, "Human Toxin", has been recorded at Dailyhero Recordings Studios and mastered at Mega Wimp Sound (DISINTER, DYING FETUS, HAEMORRHAGE). Morbid will release the album in December.

July 25, 2004

RESURRECTED have started writing new material for the follow up to their "Blood Spilled" album. Three songs are already finished and according to the band "are definitely the most uncompromising, most technical but groovy material" they ever did. As they’ve parted ways with Perverted Taste RESURRECTED is now looking for some competent label for a possible future collaboration. They are already negotiating with some companies, but nothing’s fixed yet, so interested labels should contact them at blood@resurrected.net

July 22, 2004

Sweden’s ANGST will be releasing their new album "In Hoc Signo Vinces" via Black Attakk on October 25, 2004. All further info you may find at http://angstband.cjb.net

EISMALSOTT will start recording their "Patina" album end of August. www.eismalsott.de

DIES ATER have just finished the recordings of their new MCD "Out Of The Dark" at Stage One Studio. The disc will feature two brandnew tunes, a re-worked old song and a coverversion of Falco’s ‘Out Of The Dark’. www.diesater.de

EQUILIBRIUM are currently in the studio to record their new album "Turis Fratyr", which will be released on September 27, 2004. www.equilibrium-metal.de

The new SANCTIMONIOUS ORDER album is entitled "Thy Kingdom" and will be released on September 27. www.sanctimonious-order.com

Black Attakk have just signed FJOERGYN. Their music’s supposed to be like "Wagner on Black Metal…" The release is scheduled for November this year.

July 19, 2004

Germany’s STORMWITCH will play a very special old school show at this year’s Keep It True Festival, concentrating mainly on the early albums. Additionally they will also have a similar stageshow like they had in the eighties with many actors on stage. The band will also release their new CD "Witchcraft", which is supposed to be more in the old direction of the band, on Monday after the festival. Here’s the complete Keep It True III billing: HELSTAR, HALLOWS EVE, STORMWITCH, TYRANT’S REIGN, JAGUAR, SACRED STEEL, WITCHFYNDE, ROTTWEILLER, METAL INQUISITOR and REPENT. All further info at: www.keep-it-true.de

GENERAL SURGERY have inked a three album deal with Listenable Records and plan to enter Soundlab Studios in late 2004 to record their debut full-length album, due out in spring 2005. In the band tradition of releasing numerous splits and EPs, General Surgery recently released a new split 7" with FILTH on Bones Brigade Records in gut coloured vinyl (www.bonesbrigaderecords.com) and a double 7" on Buio Omega Records (www.buio-omega.it).

Having recently inked a deal with Listenable Records, Sweden’s JIGSORE TERROR will release their new album, "World End Carnage", through the label on October 11th. As previously reported, the album was recorded at Sweden’s Soundlab Studios with engineer Mieszko Talarczyk (NASUM) and features the following track titles: ‘Reeking Death’, ‘Death Rattle Cacophony’, ‘Skeletal Decomposition’ , ‘Gorging On Exposed Arteries’, ‘Feast Of Dismembered Limbs’ and ‘Slaughtered Existence’ (with Dan Swano on guest vocals). The release will feature a total of 15 new tracks including the FURBOWL cover ‘The Needle’.

According to a recent posting at the official DEFLESHED website (www.defleshed.de), the band are currently in Sweden’s Dug-Out Studios recording their fifth full-length studio album, "May The Flesh Be With You". Recordings should be complete by mid-August. The album will include 11 original songs plus a cover of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s ‘Red Hot’, and will be released through Regain Records in Europe in January or February, 2005.

MORTICIAN will release their new live album, "Zombie Massacre Live", on July 27th via Crash Music. The album is over 60 minutes in length and includes 37 tracks of pure sonic terror.

Listenable Records have announced that they will release ANOREXIA NERVOSA‘s new album, "Redemption Process", on October 11th. The band are currently finishing up the mastering on the album at the Cutting Room in Sweden. A limited edition digipak of the album will be available with a bonus track, a cover of INDOCHINE’s ‘Tzars’. As previously reported, "Redemption Process" will feature the following tracklisting: ‘Antinferno’, ‘The Worship Manifesto’, ‘Sister September’, ‘Codex-Veritas’, ‘Mass Absolution’, ‘The Shining’ and ‘An Amen’.

Japanese extremists BARBATOS have signed a deal with Agonia Records for the release of their new full lenght album, "Fury And Fear, Flesh And Bone". The recording line-up features Yasuyuki of ABIGAIL, Joel of TOXIC HOLOCAUST and Chuck Keller of ORDER FROM CHAOS, ARES KINGDOM and VULPECULA. The album will be released in the early August.

IMPIETY‘s new album, "Paramount Evil", is currently being recorded in Mexico City in Mexico. The album should see the at the beginning of August through Agonia Records and will be promoted with a South American tour in August and a European tour with ATOMIZER and WITCHMASTER in September. North American dates are tentative for early 2005.

Swedish Black Metallers UNPURE have inked a deal with Agonia Records. The band’s fourth album, "World Collapse", is finally set to be released at the end of July 2004. The album has been delayed due to financial problems at former record label Drakkar Productions. Unpure are currently on a break as frontman Kolgrim has left Sweden for an undecided period of time, because of other personal problems. Therefore no gigs are planned in the near future.

July 15, 2004

The newest confirmed act for the 10th BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL in Balingen, Germany on June, 24th and 25th is DIO. For more information check out: www.bang-your-head.de

July 12, 2004

BLOOD OF CHRIST are currently in preproduction for their fourth album and the band say the "writing process is moving along like a tank on the war path." In other news, Blood of Christ are currently searching for a second rhythym guitarist for concert performances. Please contact Jeff if you are interested – tlfoa@hotmail.com

Olympic Recordings (www.olympicrecordings.com) have announced that INTERNAL BLEEDING‘s new studio album, "Onward To Mecca", will be released September 7th. Their first studio record in five years was recorded at Full Force Studios and engineered by Terrance Hobbs (SUFFOCATION). A posting at the label website reads: "It is sure to please older fans as well as appeal to newer audiences. Support these legends and buy the fucking record!"

TANK‘s forthcoming new album, "Sturmpanzer", is set to feature the following tracklisting: ‘Sturmpanzer’, ‘Baghdad City’, ‘Before The Eyes Of The World’, ‘Lianne’s Crying’, ‘We Are The Dead’, ‘Four "O" Below Zero’, ‘Which Part Of Fuck Off Don’t You Understand’, ‘Remember’, ‘The War Machine Don’t Stop’, ‘Unleash The Filth Hounds’, ‘Healing The Wounds…’, ‘The Hunger’ and ’45 Summers’. More information regarding the release will be announced soon.

Roadrunner Records have confirmed that CRADLE OF FILTH‘s forthcoming album, "Nymphetamine", will be released on September 28th. As previously reported the band will shoot a video in either Los Angeles or the UK, at some point in early August for a song to be determined.

Swedish Black Metallers MÖRK GRYNING have posted the following update at their official website: "We are currently working with new material that hopefully will turn out in an album someday. We are also searching for a new record label. As some of you have noticed we also have a new bass-player who played with us in Norrköping and Södertälje, and we finally feel that we have a stable line-up".

NINNUAM has set a release date for their debut album, entitled "Process Of Life Separation". The album will be released on July 27th through Crash Music. "Process Of Life Separation" features the following tracklisting: ‘Process Of Life Separation’, ‘Godhead’, ‘My Sphere’, ‘Sect’, ‘Dark Visions’, ‘Scar Salvation’, ‘Optional Existence’, ‘Soulwounded’, ‘Morbid Appealing’ and ‘Age Of Unknown’. For more info about NINNUAM , visit their website at www.ninnuam.com.

Skyscraper Music has announced the re-release editions of Canada’s very own Hyperblasters, KATAKLYSM. Indeed, Fall 2004 will see the re-release of the absolute classic EP "The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation", as well as 1998’s out of print titles, "Victims Of This Fallen World" and "Northern Hyperblast Live". Further details and actual release dates will be made available shortly.

July 05, 2004

Norwegian legends ARCTURUS will perform on September 1st in Budapest, Hungary at A38 Ship (an old ship in the River Danube). The date will be only the band’s fourth gig since 1990. The show will be presented by Saturnus Productions and PlanetNoir Industries, and will also feature performances from SIN OF KAIN, VORTEX and BORNHOLM.

Albeit a bit vague, Roadrunner Records.com has posted that CRADLE OF FILTH will shoot a video "in either Los Angeles or the UK, at some point in early August for a song to be determined"… CRADLE OF FILTH have nearly completed the mixing process of their forthcoming album, "Nymphetamine", which is currently scheduled for a late September release through Roadrunner.

Canuck Black Metallers OBSCENE EULOGY have announced that Wilska (FINNTROLL) is their new frontman. Wilska replaces Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE) who left the band in April. The band is currently working on the follow-up to this year’s "Defining Hate: The Truth Undead" – new material that should see the light of day in early 2005.

According to an update at Earache Records’ website, "Florida’s kings of extreme Death Metal, HATE ETERNAL, have confirmed plans for the recording of their third album, the follow-up to 2002’s "King Of All Kings". As yet untitled, the album will be recorded and mixed at HATE ETERNAL frontman Erik Rutan’s own studio, Mana Recording Studios, in Tampa, FA. Recording is set to begin August 1 and the release is planned for early 2005. Expect the next landmark album in Death Metal"

According to a statement from Season Of Mist, rumors of unrest in the MAYHEM camp are untrue. SOM states: "The fast-traveling rumor that informs the reader and listener on Maniac (vocals – real name Sven Erik Kristiansen) parting ways with Mayhem, and (former singer) Attila Csihar (ABORYM) joining the band is not true. There are currently no plans whatsoever for MAYHEM to change its lineup. Above is confirmed by both the band and Attila".

ILLDISPOSED have confirmed that their new album, "1-800-Vindication", will be released in Europe through Roadrunner on October 4th. Release dates for the rest of the world will be announced soon.

Drowned Scream Records / Goi Music will issue a new AT THE GATES tribute album in September. Entitled "Slaughteous Souls – A Tribute To At The Gates", the album features the following tracklisting: TAETRE – ‘At The Gates’, GODHATE – ‘Kingdom Gone’, MÖRK GRYNING – ‘Neverwhere’, MOONSKIN – ‘Raped By The Light Of Christ’, DARKNESS BY OATH – ‘The Swarm’, SOUL DEMISE – ‘Forever Blind’, ETERNAL OATH – ‘The Fevered Circle’, ETERNAL GRAY – ‘Blinded By Fear’, ILLDISPOSED – ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’, ENTER CHAOS – ‘Cold’, DETONATION – ‘Under A Serpent Sun’, MISANTHROPE – ‘Suicide Nation’, PAGANIZER – ‘Nausea’ and VILE – ‘Cold’ (live cover). Bonus Tracks: IN AETERNUM – ‘Blood Runs From The Altar’ (GROTESQUE cover).

CELTIC FROST guitarist Ron Marks has inked a deal with Sonic Wave International (www.sonicwaveintl.com) for his band SUBSONIC. The band are expected to release a new album through the label this fall. A posting at Sonic Wave International’s site reads: "The legacy of Celtic Frost continues with Ron Mark’s hard hitting project: SUBSONIC. CELTIC FROST has been called a big influence by Kurt Cobain and has helped spawn the styles of NIRVANA, METALLICA and MARILYN MANSON. Subsonic brings Ron Mark’s sound into the new era. Keep a look out for the new CD in stores this year, and in the meantime check out the SUBSONIC site at www.celticfrost.com/subsonic.html"

July 02, 2004

Here’s an official statement from the organizer’s of the BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL 2004, concerning the TESTAMENT show: "Many visitors were annoyed as the show of Bay Area-Thrashers TESTAMENT found a sudden end on the Saturday of this year’s BANG YOUR HEAD and the amps were turned off while the band was still playing. Unfortunately, certain unpleasant circumstances left no other choice left for us. The background information: The band had overrun their stage schedule by far. Before TESTAMENT started their changeover and their soundcheck, there had been a delay on stage of abour 10 minutes, that had been caused by other bands. We asked the responsible tour manager and the band’s sound technician to do the soundcheck as quickly as possible in order to try to make up at least some of the lost time. Unfortunately, our call was unheard and the soundcheck took an awfully lot of time. That wasn’t all, though: After everything was finally checked and prepared, the sound technician hit the road to the PA tower. On arrvial, he noticed he had forgotten something and went all the way back to the stage – through the audience! When he arrived at the tower a second time, TESTAMENT had used twice as much time for the changeover than scheduled (40 instead of 20 minutes). Therefore, the overall delay had summarized to more than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we do have strict curfew set up by the city of Balingen saying that the headliner’s show has to end at 11 PM. ICED EARTH agreed to shorten their set by two songs and we told TESTAMENT’S tour manager that his band has to shorten its set as well. He was supposed to inform the band about that – but he actually just wouldn’t do. Though he shared the stage with the guys and we asked him several times to deliver the important information to the band, he kept on ignoring our request didn’t pass anything forward to Chuck Billy and the guys, resulting the band to play on and on. Finally, we had no other choice left than to put the most unpleasant and unpopular end to the show and pull the plug. We feel very sorry for the fans of TESTAMENT and the band itself. Everything could have gone less unpleasant if there had been just a bit more professional and cooperative attitude on the part of the band’s tour manager and sound technician."