April 05, 2005

From Beyond Productions will issue a limited vinyl version of the very first ASPHYX album, "Embrace The Death". Originally written in 1988/89 and recorded in 1990, the original label couldn’t manage, and the album ended up as a CD release via Century Media in 1996. For the first time on vinyl, this version will contain original artwork from that era as well as early days pictures and a biography by Bob Bagchus (drummer).

ABIGAIL is finishing up the recordings of their 3rd full length album, for a release via Nuclear War Now Productions late summer.

CIANIDE will participate in an Antiseen tribute album. A split 7" with Spanish horror Grinders Machetazo is expected late next month.

"Downward Spiral: The Promise Of Worse To Come" is the working title of the fully recorded new album by the Black / Death Metal horde INCRIMINATED. It should be out in late September 2005.

MANEGARM will do a small tour through Holland in the first week of June. The band is currently finalizing their upcoming album "Vredens Tid".

NACHTMYSTIUM and From Beyond Productions agreed on a limited 7" and Pic 7", to be issued late May 2005. Expect harsh Black Metal.

UTUK XUL just issued a split CD with fellow country men MEPHIZTOPHEL via the Colombian label Hell Attacks.

Analripper (ex-Pyorrhoea) is the new vocalist of SPHERE. The band is currently rehearsing new material, which they describe themselves as being "brutal murderous Death Metal". Three new tracks are ready now (‘Deceived’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Hate Legalized Inside’). Those of you who are in Warsaw on the 6th of May can see them play at the Progresja Club with Switzerland’s Necropolis and local band Implicite. The current SPHERE line-up is as follows: Analripper – vocals, Thorn – drums, Lukas – guitar, Cthulhu – guitar and Bur – bass. More info at www.sphere.metal.pl

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