April 15, 2005

ZARATHUSTRA have finished the recordings of their new MCD at Swedish Necromorbus Studio. The mini-CD (limited to 1000 copies) and the vinyl-version (limited to 500 copies) will be released in May. The titles of the 4 songs are ‘Slave Mortality’, ‘Become Eternal’, ‘Master Morality’ and ‘… Of Serpents And Swords’. The playing time will be around 21minutes. Vinyl bonus will be the cover-version ‘Sphinx’ of the German Black Metal band POISON. The coverartwork (painted by Chris "Thorncross" Moyen) can already be checked out at the band’s website www.zarathustra-online.net

VOMIT THE SOUL has signed with the US label Comatose Music (Lividity, Lust Of Decay, Dyscrasia, Necrotic Disgorgement, etc.), that will release the band’s first full length album "Portraits Of Inhuman Abomination" at the and of summer 2005, together with t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and other merchandise. The album will be recorded at Heart Beat Studio in Zianigo di Mirano (Venice) from April 16th to April 23rd. Joel (Pyaemia) is taking care of the artwork. All further info at www.vomitthesoul.com or www.comatosemusic.com

The website of SOVEREIGNTY PRODUCTIONS (www.sovereignty-productions.de), the new label of Sonic Reign members Sebastian Schneider and Benjamin Borucki is finally online. Besides comprehensive information about Sonic Reign you’ll also get two new, exclusive MP3s from the pre-recording-session of their forthcoming album "Raw, Dark, Pure". Furthermore the last release of the band, the debut-MCD "The Decline Portrait", will soon be available via the Modern Black Metal label for the absolute lowest price of 9,-€ (ppd. in Germany) or 8,-€ + shipping (rest of the world). A studio-diary and video-clips of the recording-session will keep interested people up to date in what’s going on in the studio from end of this month on.

REVENANT have signed a deal for a limited CD release entitled "The Burning Ground" with Spain’s Xtreem Music. The CD will feature all the classic Revenant demos from 1987-1995 on a single CD (14 tracks in total), including many unreleased songs, ancient demo tracks, alternate versions of classic songs and a live version of ‘The Unearthly’ recorded on the "Prophecies" European tour. The original tapes were transferred to digital format and mixed and mastered this winter. The CD will also contain a 14 page booklet of classic artwork, photos, and flyers from the band’s long career. The photos were contributed by various people and they include rare photos of REVENANT with many of their friends from the underground, including Ripping Corpse, Immolation and Deceased. Henry Veggian also wrote a short essay for the booklet. The CD will be released in June, 2005. You can already check out the cover art on the band’s website at www.revenant.ws. The band also found a box of classic longsleeve shirts which they will be selling to anyone who’s interested. The shirts are black and on the front you’ll get a large red and white tribal version of the "R" logo (the same one that appears on the "Overman" CD cover). The back features a large Revenant logo (in block letters) over a photo of the band’s line-up, circa 1993. Beneath it are written the lyrics "Rise-Destroy-Rebuild" from the song "The Faithless." The same song title is printed in large letters down the left sleeve. The majority are size large, but there are about a half dozen XL size shirts as well. The shirts are being sold for twenty USD (plus a few bucks for shipping, depending on where you live). Since the supply is strictly limited, you should contact them soon!

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