April 28, 2005

Here’s an official press statement from the organizers of the FUCK THE COMMERCE FESTIVAL: "Hello friends of the FTC, unfortunately, we must make a regrettable announcement for you. Unfortunately, ABSCESS won’t play FTC this year. To correct it at once; this isn’t in any case a fould of the band!!! There have been some communication problems which we are responsible for and that’s finaly the reason why ABSCESS cannot come. Among the organization of a festival regrettable faults happen now from time to time and it’s twice regrettable that this happened the second time for ABSCESS but we cannot change it at this time. We hope that you won’t critisize the band for our foult and that nevertheless you’ll have a lot of fun on FTC VIII. We will do our best to book additional a good underground – band for the Thursday. Many thanks for your understanding. All other bands are confirmed!!!" www.fuck-the-commerce.com

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