August 08, 2005

The "Heidenlärm 2005" concert with ABSURD, MORRIGAN and FORGOTTEN DARKNESS got cancelled due to the fear of the German state security police that this was gonna be a Neo-Nazi meeting. MORRIGAN’s Balor send us the following official statement about this: "We (the band MORRIGAN) know all members of this band and we can say that we never saw them once making a Hitler salute, shouting "Sieg Heil" or stuff like that. I often talked with Wolf about this and he always said that the ideology behind the band is pure Paganism and nothing else. We can 100% confirm that this is the truth, because we know the lyrics of the last CDs and they exclusively deal with German mythology and stuff of the medival times… Other bands in the so-called Black Metal scene like DARKTHRONE (just remember the slogan "Norsk Arisk Black Metal") or BURZUM are dealing with some right-wing topics and nobody cares, because these bands are not from Germany and only do it for the shocking aspect. Why must we Germans always be blamed for things that are more than 60 years ago and other countries like Italy and Japan that cooperated with Germany during WW2 get away with it? Well, if you listen to the new ABSURD stuff and read the lyrics carefully I think even the last enemy of this band will see, that there’s no radical right-wing topics in the music or the lyrics… FUCK HYPOCRITICAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!!! – Balor of MORRIGAN."

Both KAAMOS albums will be released as gatefold vinyl editions on Imperium Productions. They will be strictly limited to 500 copies each and include a poster. First out will be the debut album in late August; "Lucifer Rising" is to follow during late autumn. Inquires can be directed to The band’s appearance at this year’s Party San festival unfortunately had to be cancelled due to reasons they could not foresee. KAAMOS hopes to play there next year.

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