August 19, 2005

According to an official Razorback Records statement, all three members of California’s Grindcore / Death Metal act BLOOD FREAK were killed in a car accident last weekend. "They had left Anaheim, BLOOD FREAK’s hometown, on Friday morning and were driving to Seattle so they could begin recording their long-awaited second album, "Live Fast, Die Young And Leave A Flesh-Eating Corpse", this week. The album was to have been the second released by Razorback Records. Jason (Grinter, bass / vocals) and the boys were about to head into Portland when something went wrong and their rented van veered off the road. Tragically, all three passengers were killed in the crash. Exactly what went wrong with BLOOD FREAK’s van isn’t known yet. We hope to have more details soon. What we do know is that Razorback Records and the Horror Hive mourns the deaths of our fellow gore-hounds in BLOOD FREAK, a band that rose out of the obscurity of the ’80s / early ’90s Death Metal / Goregrind underground only to be lost before its time…"

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