August 22, 2005

As previously reported, PATHS OF POSSESSION, the Florida-based Death Metal band fronted by CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, have confirmed that the release of their debut, "Promises In Blood", is October 4th via Metal Blade Records. The band have made the album track ‘Bleek The Meek’ available via at this location. Recorded at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa, FL, "Promises In Blood" features the following confirmed tracklisting: ‘Darklands’, ‘Butcher’s Bargain’, ‘Bleed The Meek’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Where The Empty Gods Lie’, ‘Heart For A Heart’, ‘In My Eyes’, ‘Erzsebet’, ‘Promises In Blood’, ‘Bring Me The Head Of Christ’, ‘Through The Fiery Halls’ and ‘The Icy Flow Of Death’.

Castle Music UK will be issuing a four-CD VENOM box set dubbed "MMV" on September 26th. According to a press release, "MMV is the first ever fully comprehensive 4-CD box set that traces the entire career of this seminal Metal band. Compiled and re-mastered by Cronos (bass / vocals), the set features demos, outtakes, rare tracks and alternative versions including radio spots and an exclusive interview with Metro Radio from 1983. Also featured is a complete disc of live and re-recorded tracks from the rare and highly collectable Assault series of albums. Aside from the music, the box set also contains an essay by Classic Rock and Totalrock Radio’s Malcolm Dome and brand new Cronos artwork is included, alongside rare photos and images of memorabilia from his personal collection. A fully comprehensive discography and replica period poster complete the set, making it an absolutely essential purchase for fans of the genre-defining band." Disc One: ‘Black Metal’ (remix), ‘Bloodlust’, ‘In League With Satan’, ‘Welcome To Hell’, ‘Sons Of Satan’, ‘Schizo’, ‘1000 Days In Sodom’, ‘Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)’, ‘In Nomine Satanas’, ‘Bitch Witch’ (outtake), ‘Manitou’ (bonus track), ‘Countess Bathory’, ‘Heaven’s On Fire’, ‘To Hell And Back’, ‘Acid Queen’, ‘Hounds Of Hell’ (outtake), ‘Raise The Dead’ (1st demo), ‘Red Light Fever’ (1st demo), ‘Angel Dust’ (1st demo), ‘Die Hard’, ‘At War With Satan’ (intro / preview). Disc Two: Intro Tape 83/84, ‘At War With Satan’, ‘At War With Satan’ (TV adverts), ‘Rip Ride’, ‘Cry Wolf’, ‘Stand Up (And Be Counted)’, ‘Lady Lust’, ‘7 Gates Of Hell’, ‘Warhead’, Venom Radio I.D., ‘Angel Dust (Lead Weight)’, ‘Mystique’, ‘Wing And A Prayer’, ‘Possessed’ (remix), Intro Tape 85/86, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Satanachist’, ‘F.O.A.D.’ Disc Three: Intro 1996 (bonus track), ‘Bloodlust’ (bonus track), ‘The Evil One’, ‘All Devils Eve’, ‘God’s Forsaken’, ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Senile Decay’ (outtake), ‘Snots Shit’ (outtake), ‘Dead On Arriva’l (outtake), ‘Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip)’, ‘The Chanting Of The Priests’ (live), ‘Buried Alive’ / ‘Love Amongst The Dead’ (live), ‘Flytrap’, ‘Welcome To Hell’ / ‘Bloodlust’ (live), ‘Witching Hour’ (live) – play, ‘Teacher’s Pet’ / ‘Poison’ / ‘Teacher’s Pet’ (live). Disc Four (The Assault Series): ‘Nightmare’ (re-recorded version), ‘Too Loud (For The Crowd)’ (re-recorded version), ‘Bloodlust’ (re-recorded version), ‘Black Metal’ (re-recorded version), ‘Bursting Out’ (60 Minute Plus), ‘7 Gates Of Hell’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Countess Bathory’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Welcome To Hell’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Warhead’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Die Hard’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘In Nomine Satanas’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Buried Alive’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Manitou’ (Abbey Road version), Metro Radio Interview, ‘Venom’ (bonus track). To view the artwork head here.

Swedish Death Metallers UNLEASHED have posted the following update at their website: "(We) are now preparing for the "Up From The Ground" Festival next week (August 26th – 27th in Gemunden / Steinwiesen, Germany). We will bring along our DVD camera for this to record some extra material for our upcoming DVD… so be loud if you want your voice on it! Also, just a week after the festival we’ll be shipping out for the Harvest Festival Tour all over Europe (with NILE, BEHEMOTH, PUNGENT STENCH, INCANTATION, BELPHEGOR – dates here). We have dug up the song ‘The Defender’ for this one… so prepare to scream along in the chorus!" As previously reported, Unleashed also filmed their July 1 concert at the "With Full Force" Festival at Airfield Roitzschjora in Löbnitz (near Leipzig), Germany. Expect their DVD to be issued by Century Media in early 2006.

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