December 01, 2005

FUNERAL PROCESSION have returned from the studios where they have finished the recordings of twelve songs. These are the songs in detail: ‘Beholde The Stars Fall From The Heavens’, ‘Bloode Of The Elder (Building The Anti-Kosmos)’, ‘Doom’, ‘Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart’, ‘Millennium Of Revenge’ / ‘Jerusalem In Ashes’, ‘The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. I’, ‘The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. II’, ‘When Moonshine Is The Only Light’, ‘Schmerz Aus Licht’, ‘Futurum Obscurius…’, ‘Under A Funeral Moon’ (Darkthrone cover) and ‘Mountains Ov Might’ (Immortal cover). Four mp3s (edits of 2:00 – 3:30 length) have been made available in the download section of the band’s website ‘Mountains Ov Might’ was recorded for the upcoming "Epimythion – A Tribute To Immortal" album which is going to be released through the Greek label Townsend Avalanche in March 2006 and will feature among others Sunn O))), Blood Tsunami, Vreid and Wrathage. ‘Schmerz Aus Licht’, which was originally meant for the cancelled split album with Kältetod, will be released as a mini CD through the German label K:A:IN Productions. In good tradition, this mini CD will come in special packaging. The playing-time will be more than 16 minutes, as ‘Schmerz Aus Licht’ has probably become the slowest and most depressive song the band has ever written. Eight of the remaining songs (playing-time approx. 43 mins) will make up the forthcoming debut-album of Funeral Procession. For the time being, it is not clear which label is going to release that album as negotiations are on the way for the CD- and the LP-version. It is very likely that the vinyl version will be released by or in cooperation with Franconian Nightfog Productions who also had released the vinyl version of "Legion Cymru" earlier in 2005. A label for a possible tape-release (preferably not in Europe) is still being searched. Speaking of "Legion Cymru", after the MCD boxset sold out very fast, the limited vinyl version and the MC version are close to having sold out as well. Final copies are available from the band, Nightfog Productions and Intolerant Rekords. This might be the last chance to get hold of the release. The "Solar Eclipse" demo is meanwhile completely sold out from the label (Devil Worship Records) as well. It is unclear if the announced compilation by the Greek label Underground Tapes has already been released or will ever be released as the label never replied after the CD with the song had been sent.

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