December 14, 2005

MELECHESH will enter Woodhouse Studios (Samael, Grip Inc, Therion, Moonspell etc.) in Hagen, Germany to record their fourth full length album in January 2006. The mixing will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with renowned producer Attie Bauw (a.o. Judas priest, Halford, Scorpions, Fight). The tracking will take 3 weeks and mixing circa 2 weeks. "Emissaries" is the chosen album name and some track titles are ‘Sand Grain Universe’, ‘Deluge Of Delusional Dreams: Act I. Cast Tempest From The East’, ‘Act II. Ashur’s Retaliation’ and ‘Touching The Spheres Of Sephiroth’. "Emissaries" will include approximately 10 – 11 tracks that will clearly carry the Melechesh flag thematically and musically. When asked on the subject matter Ashmedi stated "The album will encompass what Melechesh have always stood for: Sumerian / Mesopotamian and other dark Near Eastern mythos and mysticism including the cosmic connection and the Occult. Musically the songs will have the Melechesh characteristic sound with a variation and evolution just like we have done for every album; I am now busy with the pre production and demoing the last couple of songs , however, I prefer letting the music speak for itself." "Emissaries" is tentatively scheduled for a release circa April / May 2006 through Osmose Productions for Europe and the rest of the world(s), in North America the release will be through Osmose Productions / The End Records.

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