December 22, 2005

The new MANES EP "View" is now finally finished after various delays. It will include two new MANES tracks and two coversongs recorded at Godt Selskap studio (Necrophagia, Keep of Kalessin, Bloodthorn, Chton etc.) plus three remixes of which two were done by US noise-guru Cordell Klier and the last one by DJ Don Tomaso from Trondheim, Norway. It will be released by Aural Music (the Code666 mothership) in the beginning of february 2006 as a 999ex. limited digipak release. Cern comments that this EP is "our first, but certainly not last, collaboration with external sources". MANES can also announce that this will be the last release for Aural Music / Code666, and that MANES now is without any label. "We wish to thank all at Aural Music / Code666 for their hard work and open minds!" The tracklisting for "View" will be: ‘Cinder Alley’, ‘Terminus Rmx’, ‘The Neoflagellata Revision’, ‘Terminus Deconstructus’, ‘Knife & Kleenex’, ‘Title’ and ‘Terminus Dei Profundis’. Other news: The third MANES demo "Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer" will be re-released on vinyl in a strictly limited edition. This demo was originally released in less than 50 ex., but will now re-surface in February 2006. MANES is currently in pre-production for two new seperate albums tentatively titled "Invention – Or How The World Came To An End And Why We Did It" and "Be All // End All". MANES is looking to co-operate with people within (but not limited to) the fields of programming, design and vj-ing for upcoming projects. Get in touch. More info:,

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