February 22, 2005

Here’s a couple of first hand information from PENTACLE‘s Wannes concerning the progress of the new album and upcoming EP: "Although for you it may seem nothing is happening in the Pentacle – crypts, for us it is an extremely busy period. Evening after evening I am busy doing the layout for the new album. The layout of the CD was supposed to be taken care of in Germany and should have been ready by now, but due lack of time, I was asked to do it myself. This put a lot of pressure on my shoulders to manage to get everything ready on time, but it seems we’re going to make it! The layout is very cool and I’m really happy with the result thus far. It has become a professional product, including many cool photos of the band in the studio and in the rehearsal room. I want to thank Frederique Sengers for helping me out on this one. Without her professional attitude it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve such a big result on such a short notice. You did a great job!!! Unfortunate, the front cover is still not finished yet. Due to different reasons, Manuel hasn’t been able to finish his upcoming masterpiece yet, so we have to wait for that. I hope he’ll manage it asap, as I have no doubt it’ll become something very special! When everything works out as we want to, Metal War Productions is going to release an EP with 2 new songs. Those songs were recorded during the sessions of "Under The Black Cross" and are called ‘A Hellish Descent’ and ‘Blast Them From The Sky!’. We are going to use the artwork and title for the aborted 10" with Blood Storm. So, for those who haven’t read / heard it yet, the EP is going to be called "Archaic Undead Fury". The contract hasn’t been signed yet, but I’m positive about the outcome. The EP should be accompanied by a poster featuring the artwork of the 7". This piece of art was made by Manuel Tinnemans as well. The layout for this EP is almost ready. From this point many thanks to Tony Glebbeek for his dedicated work! So keep your fingers crossed!!!!" www.pentacle.nl

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