February 24, 2005

New Jersey’s MASS PSYCHOSIS have re-formed! Here’s the official press statement by the band: "Founding member Doug Grandon, original frontman Tom May and original bassist John Zebro have joined their considerable talents once again with drummer Vic Belarista, a veteran of the "Necroporno" album sessions. The band are now poised to unleash upon the world more of the brutal, blinding, and technically astounding music that they have been known for since the ’90s. After much hard work that garnered many fans stateside in their earlier days, Mass Psychosis released "Face", followed by the critically acclaimed "Necroporno". Both recordings earned them a solid fan base in Metal-hungry Europe as well. Loyal fans on both continents who have been clamoring for more musical wizardry from Grandon, May, Zebro and Belarista are about to have their fondest wishes fulfilled,as the band is currently in the studio recording tracks for a brand new release. The versatility of May’s vocals and the fret-board prowess and songwriting ability of Grandon have never been more sharply honed. The combination of unorthodox bassist Zebro and drummer Belarista just adds insult to injury. Mass Psychosis is back – prepare for obliteration!" You can check out a new promo pic here. A website will be up next week. We’ll keep you posted! You can contact the band via email through this address: masspsychosis@verizonmail.com

UNHOLY GHOST founding member / lead guitarist Kelly McLauchlin has announced he is leaving the band, in order to continue on with PESSIMIST and other musical interests. Kelly has been an integral part of UNHOLY GHOST since its beginning in 2003, and the band wishes him future success with PESSIMIST. Check out www.pessimist.com for more info. UNHOLY GHOST will announce a replacement guitarist soon.

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