July 01, 2005

IMPALED NAZARENE has re-signed with Osmose Productions for two more albums. Here’s an official statement of the band: "We are more than happy to continue working with Osmose. We will enter totally new (and fantastic, must be said) Sonic Pump studio on 21st of November 2005 to record our next studio album! The album will be recoded and mixed by Tapio Pennanen. We are at the moment writing and rehearsing the album and gotta say it will be fast, brutal as fuck, in-your-face Impaled Nazarene once again. Double 10" version of our "Death Comes In 26 Selected Pieces" live album will come out in September 2005, limited to 500 copies. This delay was down to my own laziness, nothing else. Speaking of the live album, The End Records has licensed it for North American market and this version shall be out on July 12th. "Absense Of War Does Not Mean Peace" is out now as digipak version, including ‘Hardboiled And Still Hellbound’ video as a bonus. New t-shirt designs are on the way, we will keep you posted about them. New version of the girlie shirts are out now, please check www.osmoseproductions.com. "Latex Cult" and "Rapture" will come out as digipaks with totally new artwork and layout. Both CDs will be remastered at Finnvox Studio and will have videos as extra bonus. I am working for the lay-out for "Latex Cult" and this will be some sick shit, I can tell you. More info later. We have some festivals coming in the fall, Pellavarock (in August), Roctober Fest in Kajaani (as headliner) on 29th of October and on 12th of November we will headline a festival in Mühlacker-Mühlhausen, in Germany. More info in our gigs section. 15 years and still kicking arse like no tomorrow!!!! – Sluti666"

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